How The Holographic Mind Uses Energy To Create Reality

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  1. The synapses that connect the neurons receive nerve-impulses that form energy waves. Waves, it must be remembered, are not like physical particles. Waves cannot be said to have any absolute location within space or time. Millions of different energy waves are being sent out through the synaptic connections in the brain in any moment, and all of these waves create a basic energy-field that creates patterns of interference due to the intermingling of the various wave-forms. These patterns of interference create a basic tone to the energy field that creates harmonious vibrations with all of the various synaptic connections between the neurons. These patterns are stored holographically, in a pattern-based system of consciousness-energies. The functional areas in the brain, related to sense-perceptions, recall the information stored holographically within the brain, encode them according to the mind's current vibrational-frequency, and then project memories/thoughts/perceptions into the individual's field of awareness.

    The “tone” or interence patterns or harmonious vibrations give meaning to all synaptic connections. It is basically the standard mode of interpretation that all information-signals, themselves being energy-waves, are filtered through and projected according to. Now every single information-signal is contained within the harmonious vibratory-pattern, and this pattern is basically the essential rhythym that is able to unite all of the energies harmoniously. Each individual energy-wave, though, has within it the potential to be its own mode of interpretation, or energy-tone. The basic pattern is the essential assumed viewpoint, and temporal experience occurs by cycling through the various synaptic connections, or wave-forms.

    During these connections, there is an encounter between your assumed viewpoint and another viewpoint. This in a way causes either an attraction or repulsion of the waves, but this is in need of further explanation in order to understand it in a relatable psychological way. “Attraction” here implies a deeper understanding of the alternate energy-form/viewpoint that causes an alteration in the energy-tone of your consciousness, modeling it to some degree after that energy-form. “Repulsion” implies disregarding it so as not to allow it to alter the energy-tone. Now the energy-tone of your consciousness always strives for a sense of a total understanding. This disregarding, then, will likely imply leaving your understanding of the wave/viewpoint vague, and assuming that your vague understanding of the signal is consistent with your energy-tone or mode of interpretation. “Attraction” could then come to mean deep and precise understanding that comes about through the “closeness” generated through the attraction, and “repulsion” would imply a vague understanding that comes about as it moves “further away” by the mechanism of “repulsion.”
  2. Funny I mentioned this today.

    This knowledge is thousands years old, and science is barely understanding it.

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