How the hell should I clean this??

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  1. I just made a trade for this bub. it is completely layered in sticky icky wax. Is there any way I can clean this and extract the wax to use?
  2. isopropyl alcohol, then let the alcohol evaporate
  3. [quote name='"SIRSOG"']isopropyl alcohol, then let the alcohol evaporate[/quote]

    This and
    Scrape scrape scrape scrape scrape scrape scrape scrape scrape scrape scrape scrape scrape scrape scrape scrape scrape scrape scrape scrape scrape
  4. Is that bongwater or chocolate milk??:S
  5. [quote name='"dreamtheater"']I just made a trade for this bub. it is completely layered in sticky icky wax. Is there any way I can clean this and extract the wax to use?

    Also what did you trade for it?
  6. I've always used. Oxyclean for my bubblers makes them like new all you need is oxyclean and a bucket big enough to submurse ur piece in it.
  7. Is this to pile the resin on the bottom? How in the world could you possibly scrape that?

    If you want to simply clean the pipe, I would use isopropyl alcohol + kosher salt. Simply add them both in the pipe, cover all the holes, and shake the shit out of it. This will get it all loose and like-new clean.
  8. No you let everything dissolve in the alcohol then you pour it onto a dish and then scrape it up with a razor blade and you have reclaim
  9. Yup, just do as stated.
    1: Run 90% or higher Iso through the piece
    2: Collect Iso in separate container (should be color tinted)
    3: Continue to clean piece with either some marketed glass cleaner, or with more Iso using salt till it looks new.
    4: Take collected colored Iso and run it through a coffee filter (or make a simple carbon filtered screen) and strain it out onto plates or wide surfaces... the thinner the layer, the quicker the alcohol will evaporate off.
    5: Leave container out (times vary) until all of it is evaporated off. Place in the freezer for a few minutes; after this it should be easier to scrape off.
    6: (Optional) - You can leave it in the scarping/dust like stuff you manage to get off the plate, or collect it and heat it (using your hands, hairdryer, etc.) and it will squish together.
    7: Smoke....

  10. yeh so it's concentrate....resin?....I don't even know haha I'm not into oil rigs at all; all I know is it smells good and would get me blazed as fuck but it might not be worth the effort.
    I traded it for 16gs of some cherry pie and blueberry. He said it was 200 new and local blown, really nice thick piece w/ lots of marbles, it has a showerhead somewhere in that sea of muck haha.
  11. Yea it's called reclaiming
    Pour in swish around until you see the reclaim start to disappear and iso turn brownish.
    Dump on plate, repeat until the ish worth getting is gone. Evap, purge blaze
  12. Agreed with RVA3. use as little iso as possible, then If I were you I would cook with all of the reclaim. Whoever gave you the piece gave you enough reclaim for some dank batches of any edibles
  13. ohh good idea man that's exactly what I'm going to do.
  14. cleaned up very nice
    the reclaim was dank too, I did my own method, I would just put the bub over for a candle for a few mins and gradually pour it out haha, got about 90% I would say, then just finished it off with 420 cleaner
  15. Lets see it
  16. That's a ton of reclaim, nice piece too!
  17. Now cook with that shit!!! I save all my claim and throw a couple grams into a batch of cookies. Great high off edibals with reclaim.

    We put an 8th of claim into a batch of cookies once. Literally took a bite and youd be ripped in less than an hour. Normal run i use 1-2 grams and one cookie is perfect.
  18. Damn you got that thing very nice looking. I would say that's a great trade, plus you gotta bunch of free reclaim!
  19. man that's probably what i would get if i got a custome rig, look at all those mill/marble wig wags!! those are sick and it looks like a nice shower head
  20. yeh the showerhead is super clean, the diffusion is awesome.
    I just ended up smoking it, wasted a fair bit doing that, but I loved the taste and the pile kept decreasing haha. I should have cooked it but was just too lazy, and I usually don't get high off edibles. If I woulda put it all into a couple cookies I know they woulda been dank though.

    Super great trade....I traded my Extreme Vape for 26 grams(he offered a zip but I only had one elbow joint and said he should dock a couple to get a new one)---> trade 16 grams for the bub= 10 grams of fresh dank and a $200 bub for my Extreme Vaporizer:smoking: Craigslist man :D

    I'm gonna get a female on female carbon filter for flowers, I'm not really into oils

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