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How the hell is AVB getting me more wasted than decarbed bud?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ozbruh, Jun 19, 2019.

  1. Hi guys

    I've been recently conducting decarb experiments. I've conducted about 10 so far, at various temps and times. Every time I seem to get decently baked, but nothing like AVB.

    I vape my bud till it basically looks like cocopops. What I don't get is, if I eat AVB which has been completely cooked VS decarbing about the same amount of product (using fresh bud) I never get as high.

    In fact, I've been completely wrecked multiple times eating AVB. But not once have I experienced the same high as decarbing bud and eating it.

    Can anyone shed some light on this?

    I've settled on 30mins @ 115c for what its worth. I've tried 60 mins at 105c with the same results too.

  2. What temp do ya vape at? I decarb at 240* for 30 min
  3. I vape at 360F.
  4. Prob thc,cbd,n cbn left in that bud
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  5. Never they look intriguing though.
    Yes I bet there is. But how is it getting me so high that I need to literally ride it out and get sober. But then I use fresh bud that should theoretically have far more THC than vaped bud only get me to a 8/10 VS a 12/10 lol
  6. Dunno the science behind any of it but it’s all explained in that thread.
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  7. You're getting higher off a 360 vaped decarb? Wow...fascinating. You probably have a tolerance metabolism that is off the charts. BNW talks about his tolerance levels in that hash caps thread.
  8. Would it work using buds? Is the final product strained?

    Looks really good, may give a go!

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  9. Yeah it works I use avb, Kief, pop corn nugs, or hash.
  10. GIGO applies ( Garbage In Garbage Out )
    Decarbed Powdered Bud works just fine. No the material is not strained. The higher the grade of Cannabis used the smaller the dose required.

    I use dry ice Kief for mine and a full (0) capsule is just right. 25 drops per (0) cap.
    Understand a single drop of what I make and take 25 drops worth is to much for my wife and for her use I thin way down.

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  11. Heck I’ll save your recipe and do it in the next couple weeks with good buds.

    Ill break down, decarb, do it.

    Do you think u could store the liquid in a bowl or maybe small container and dose via spoon or eye dropper?

    Just skeptical about the capsules, although would use if had.

    Wondering how many mg/drop if using decent flower.

    Thank you for the straining information.

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  12. The Coconut oil - Cannabis is very stable and keeps well for extended time frames even at room temp.
    With bud base I'd start with a 1/4 cap say 6 drops. If not stoned after a 2 hour wait take 6 more drops and wait again.

    Finding your personal sweet spot takes some experimentation the first time or two. No two people require even remotely close to the same dose of edibles.

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  13. Does the oil bind better than butter;? Which would explain why such little amounts are needed vs a spoonwallopfull

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