How the hell... help a ***** out!

Discussion in 'General' started by JoeK1, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. Makin a bong out of some pretty thick glass bottles... how to u cut thru glass? takes me an hour with a powertool and it does nothing!

    Any tips?

  2. u need a glass drill bit! without it you'll crack the glass
  3. that shits prolly like 30$ tho... ha idk

    if its at a hardware store i can prolly pocket it or something idk

    u kno the pricing on that?
  4. Theyre like 15 bucks
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    just kidding,lol.
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  6. Diamond dusted bits. Just used one myself today for the creation of a new piece.
  7. they really 15$ god damn... thats expencive....

  8. It cuts through glass allowing you to make some pretty sick home made say $15 is pretty fuckin cheap
  9. Don't be cheap, lot of people spend hundreds on powertools.
  10. ha yea, half jewish man... got the right to try nd think up ways to spend less money on shit... ebay helps alot with that ha

    but thanks for the shit guys.
  11. 15 dolla aint much.

    buy one instead :p

  12. Take a wedding ring and tape it to your drill..
    Diamond bit drill piece!

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