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How the hell do you use a joint roller?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Reppin 713, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. I got one for "free" ;) my friend left it in my car for like a month and hasn't said anything and I hit found it some I'm gonna keep it. So if anybody could tell me how you use it that would be appreciated.
  2. I'm just waiting for the hate mail saying you should give it to him.
  3. Well guess what to fucking bad he left it over a month and never noticed, so it must not be that important to him.
  4. Thief give it back!
  5. Skip about the first 4 minutes. And you don't have to bother packing it down like this dude did, either. No scissors needed.

  6. lol is it the zen roller? if it is you put the herb in it close it up and the put your paper in and roll.
  7. man i gotta get one of those things
  8. Ask him about it, if he says man I been lookin all over for that or sum shit, be like I got it then give it to him. It's basically stealing if u don't say anything about it and keep it, do the right thing pal
  9. I got mine at a smoke shop for like 10 bucks. It does come in handy, especially when we had to roll ciggs our whole vacation because we spent all our money on the tickets to the festival we went too.
  10. Dude if they leave it in your car, its fair game. My friends have left probably 10 blunt wraps, a pack of zig zags, one of their pipes in my car within the past month or so. They never asked my about ANY of it, including the pipe. They both went out of state for college and now I have all this free shit haha
  11. Yeah I also just found a small scale under the car mat haha I needed one of those
  12. Def that scale out your car, that's a charge you don't want if you have weed with you and get pulled over. But joint rollers are just like rolling joints to me. It feels the same almost.
  13. Finders keepers bitch!

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