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How the hell do I use this damn app

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by HemphBleh, Apr 24, 2015.

  1. I just got the app on my iPhone I had it on android but so much has changed I just want to l know what bugs I have in my plant. 😭😭😭

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  2. Internet called to remind you it exists.
  3. If your really concerned just use a laptop or desk top,so much easier and faster than an app!
  4. HempBleh if they fly and are tiny its knats
  5. I can post substantially quicker on my phone, takes two seconds to click on the app, while getting my computer out, turning it on, etc would take way longer. My 2 cents
    Well I'm sure its nice you can post so fast, now try to navigate through 100 pages for an hour or two reading loads of information.. I'd much rather use a computer where I can copy & paste, search faster, save links and organize them on my bookmarks, ect...
    I'm sure the app is good for posting things but not for research which is why most people come to grasscity to research for their grow.
  7. not to mention having a much larger screen that has far more content view-able per page than an app could ever display on your smart phone. Now tablets are a different story.
  8. Well that would make sense, but your posting in the tokers q/a section, the biggest section on the forum, where most ppl still live at home, I hardly think the majority of ppl on this site are researching their grows when there are moare drug test question threads than anything else combined. Not tryna argue, just stating statistics. For growing purposes, sure a computer is much better.
    I wont argue with you there, I guess I stay outta that section for the most part.
    I only see the grow side of the forums. I dont worry myself with the burden of taking drug tests ;)
  10. What are your plants symptoms?
  11. Smart move, a lot of pointless shit in here haha
  12. My understanding is that if it's an Apple app, Apple has blocked the Grow Section, They don't approve.
    If thats true do they block it in legal states too? If so that doesnt seem wise from a business view.
    Speaking of, I briefly experienced this bullshit.   I told wifey about it and she 'fixed' it straight away.  (she works for the company)
    The site runs smoothly, now, and I believe I have access to all intended areas.
    (though I hear of 'private' forums, special membership and such....?)
  15. From what I've been told it's blocked everywhere but it should/may be approved in a few weeks.
  16. I couldnt see how having the grow section blocked being effective for
    anything besides aggravating the person using the phone.
  17. #18 gauger buds 060746 200101, Apr 26, 2015
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 26, 2015
    I don't understand what your struggling with. You open the app and there is a list of forum topics. You click on your chosen topic and there are a list of sub-topics. You click on your chosen sub-topic and you create your thread.

    It's just like magic ;)
  18. Yeah the grow section was removed few weeks ago but just from the ios app.
  19. Well, on the Tapatalk app you can search (the site or individual threads) and favorite them... Similar to bookmarking I guess.. You can copy and paste on a phone as well.. Idk must be personal preference, I find it easier to research things on my phone

    OP, what is the app called? Is it the tapatalk one? If so, I'm sure I can help answer questions on how to use the app.

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