how the hell do i do this???

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    i want to get this on a huge fucking tapestry. ive been trying to figure out forever how to get it done but i have nothing!! lol any help please?:D btw the name of it is "net of being" by alex grey (amazing fucking artist)
  2. Epic image though.
  3. I don't know but that will be fucking sweet when you do it.
  4. You'll have to get a big gigantic computer.
  5. I couldn't look away from that thing if i tried holy shit
  6. ?????
  7. Damn dude trippy as fuck
  8. For a tapestry sized version of that you'd have to look up a screen printing business. They can print it on all kinds of fabrics whether they press print it or have one of those hundred thousand dollar printers but it could run ya a pretty penny depending on fabric and the company. I used to print six foot by nearly twenty foot banners and signs all the time when I worked for an artist. Kinda disappointed I never printed a tapestry when I worked there. That alex grey would be an amazing tapestry.
  9. I meant you'll have to get a big gigantic computer with a big gigantic printer so you can print the fucker out. [​IMG]
  10. so many faces on there maaan :smoking:

    trippy shit but sorry man got no idea.
  11. This.

    Enough with the "get a big fuckin' printer dude!" comments. Sheesh. :rolleyes:
  12. hmm im willing to spend about $150 on it $200 tops but it would need to be top quality. and about 5.5x8 feet
  13. [quote name='"The Third Eye"']
    hmm im willing to spend about $150 on it $200 tops but it would need to be top quality. and about 5.5x8 feet[/quote]

    I would say that is totally plausible for that kind of cash. Now to find the printing company, a quick google search with the name of your city included would solve that. Shit man you're gonna have one badass tapestry!!!
  14. That picture is dope as fuck. I've seen it on a few video's. (like youtube, interviews, songs, etc.)

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