How The Hell Do I Become Alpha So I Can Stop Being Depressed

Discussion in 'General' started by bluntisblunt, May 24, 2013.

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    tl;dr : how do i become alpha
    im 21, i do kickboxing and martial arts, athletic type, and im not ugly in any way. my confidence was at an all time high before this girl showed up.
    i met this girl on my break at work, we chatted it up, exchanged digits.
    let me just say that i dont exactly have a lot of experience with girls. never quite had a stable relationship.  which i guess makes me seem desperate because of the lack of women ive had contact with.
    this is the first time that i can remember that a girl actually hit on me. she was cute as fuck.
    took her on the first date to olive garden, made a move on her by my car when we left. just made out for a short time. i said 'im so glad i met you'. she said the same..
    we actually talk in detail about everything that has happened to us, and basically getting to know each other ( weird i know already making moves before knowing each other).
    shes gone through a lot of shit and such.
    i take her to the beach, no one was around, we cuddled and made out on the beach in the night.
    took it to my car, made out, fingered her, she came, then she gave me a bj lol
    i didnt even care about that, i actually thought she was an amazing girl and wanted to go further.
    the whole time she acted like she was really into me. 
    everything is cool, had the best night of my life in a while.
    we texted the next day, tried to chill but thats ok we were both busy. she said we could chill the next day (today)
    we text and try to find a good time to chill. she says yea definitely with smiley faces n shit. 
    i ask if around 7 is cool she says kk. 
    7 comes around, i text whats good, no response, so i figure she busy or some shit.
    an hour later, i get bitchy and text her saying 'you upset me, but if something came up then my bad"
    i know that was WAYYYY too much to begin with, but i cant help myself..
    its only been 3 hours since we were supposed to chill, still no response.
    why the fuck do i always let people disappoint me even when i have no idea what happened.
    she could be busy or some shit. i just dont know.
    my point is, how the fuck do i stop giving a fuck about getting let down and be a fuckin man?
    teach me to be alpha..

  2. just let go... it's that simple. LET GO.
  3. hoes and tricks
  4. Start with not making whiney posts on an online forum. 
  5. Man, you seem way too fucking clingy. 
  6. Stop using words like alpha lolol

    Its not good for the mind when you put labels on yourself and other people.
  7. yea well im easily fucked with, i want to change that quickly...
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    Well like Orange said, let go.

    If you pursue her too much, you may come off as desperate or clingy. Give her some space amd focus on your other goals. MMA for example, is an excellent form of therapy for your body and mind. Give her a chance to respond while you go on with life, if she doesnt text back in a couple days, there are plenty of girls out there. Good luck man.
  9. Hard for some people, not everyone can do it.

    But op, I say if you want her, let her be. Don't try to connect her again tonight unless she texts you back.if not, she doesn't, no big deal, text her tomorrow or give her a call around noon and see what happened. Maybe she will make it up to you. but if she blows you off tomorrow, I say don't try to worry about her too much.

    I know its hard man, I'm trying to get over a girl I really liked and can't let her gi, which is weird cause I can do if with every other chick.

    Anywho, your going to do whatever your heart tells you. Follow it man, if it dont work theres always another chick.
  10. Is it so wrong for a girl to hit it and quit it?
    No, so just let her go and move on. If she isn't showing you the attention you want, then it's clear she isn't looking for more than sex. Nothing wrong with that, sex is great especially when it's spontaneous and there are no consequences.
  11. You should text her again, ask her if she wants to get married, and end the text with PLEASE RESPOND :(
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    so girls rip out your guts, lead you on, and then peace after they get their fill?
    thats nice to know..
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    Damn double post.
  14. ahahahaha fucker
  15. Also man, don't need to be alpha in order to not be depressed. Just your thinking and mindstate at the moment. Depression comes and goes.
  16. thanks for replies, its pretty obvious i got some maturing and learning to do. 
  17. Stop 1. Don't ever say the terms "alpha" or "beta". 
  18. hint taken
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    Ive had girls pull that move before... Probably means shes not into you anymore or found some other dude. Best thing to do is move on and not let it bug you. Plenty of other girls out there.

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