How the fuck does someone buy iron ore..

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  1. I want to dip my hand into blacksmithing and I cant find any website that sells raw iron ore.. How hard can it be to buy some minerals..
  2. What level mining are you?
  3. The auction house has some
  4. [quote name='"Vicious"']What level mining are you?[/quote]

    I just laughed really hard.

    On topic, I have no clue.

  6. its funny because WoW is more popular in the search results than actual iron ore distribution.

    I should of expected nothin less than this from GC tho..
  7. I found a small piece of iron ore. It's either that or a meteorite, its pretty cool. It's heavy and magnetic but it looks like a rock
  8. Can't you just buy the bars? Power level it.
  9. They're a pretty common drops of some mobs too

    In all serious, I would try to talk to a local smelter and see what they have to say. They might offer classes or something as well. A lot of trades like that do.
  10. i thought forsure this thread was gonna be about finding Maiden tickets
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    Try asking a local scrap yard or smelter. They can definitely set you in the right direction.
    I personally melt and partially refine my own metals small scale, and I am still learning. I have never worked with iron or steel though and have only read about it.
    I know some people who buy in bulk from distributors on Ali and sites like that. Even check ebay.

    Guru's den : Blacksmiths Question and Answer Page : <was the first forum I ever checked to look at how to make swords and shit. Might help.
  12. cant you just go buy some iron bars or sheets of iron and cut it to size then shape it to your desire?
  13. Here is a life hack.

    Go into incognito mode in firefox/chrome and then conduct your search.
    Those damn cookies....
  14. You don't want ore, you want the iron after it's been extracted from the ore.

    I don't think pure iron is so easy to find, but some modern blacksmithers use mild steel. They say it isn't as good but will work.
  15. [quote name='"Vicious"']What level mining are you?[/quote]

    hahaha i died. rep coming your way when i get on the comp later. lol

  16. I dont think itll have the durability as a real sword.
  17. The Grand Exchange, of course
  18. First thing I thought was auction house from WoW. Then someone else posted it and I geeked.
  19. I suggest some rune instead of iron. You gotta go into the wildy though, so I suggest bringing some sharks and a dragon 2h will help you out too.

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