How the fuck do you get a band famous????

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  1. Okay listen shitters basically I've promised a group of friends who are in an Indie band that I'd get them famous.

    I have a fair few ideas but I thought why the fuck not ask a bunch of the most creative people in the world (stoners) what I could do.


    They are (in my opinion at least) a good band, and the lead singer has more potential than anybody I've ever heard. His voice is like that time I made an angel orgasm but a bit deeper.

    Anyway please help I'll post some videos of the band now.
  2. [ame=]YouTube - Picard's Epic Double Facepalm[/ame]
  3. Generally it isn't up to the's up to music politics. I wouldn't promise people that anymore.
  4. Tell them to start wearing meat dresses.
  5. Why would you promise something that you clearly cant deliver on?

    bad decision
  6. facebook/twitter pages and add their friends.
    play at local bars/venues.
    Enter in any contests that'll enable you to play bigger shows.
  7. OH GOD this whole thing came out wrong i didn't promise anything i just said i'll help them out.

    thankyou to all the sarcastic tossers, you're cliches are much appreciated.
  8. Buy a van with a stage inside of it and drive up to the fantasy factory and jam.
  9. Market the band as professionally as possible. Make a demo, get someone to design website and then host the tracks on the website. A Facebook fan page is a good idea as well. Also make sure the tracks are downloadable for the price of their email. A mailing list of fans is very important to have. I would say that once they get 1000 true fans(emails), the band will most likely become successful if it doesn't suck balls.

    Another way to boost your popularity is to get the tracks featured on some big music blogs. I don't have any suggestions cause I fucking hate indie music but I know they are out there, just do a google search. Make sure you don't just send the tracks to one blog, send it to multiple ones and if the band is actually good someone will feature it. If the blog if big enough then it will automatically be added to, but if not add it yourself and get all your Facebook fans/friends to favorite.

    Once all this is done you'll have a solid, professional image. Now storm the various music clubs in your scene and present them with a demo and a link to your website, or something along those lines. This will hopefully lead to a few gigs and as your online popularity grows you may get some bigger, out of town bookings.

    Another thing you should do is try to get your band featured in a local newspaper, and also upload all your tracks to youtube.

    Try these suggestions and your path to fame will become easier.
  10. Step one: fire everyone but the singer

    Step two: hire a person to write really really stupid shallow lyrics that all rhyme.

    Step three: get somebody to make really simple repetitive beats.

    Step four: auto-tune everything

    Step five: make music videos of naked women rolling around on the floor.

    They'll be the next big thing in less than a week.
  11. kill one of the members.

    If not possible, and you have a girl in the band, dress her up as a doll.

    No girl? There's your problem.
  12. wow, thanks a lot, that was actually really helpful. i'll have to go through all of that shit then, sounds good. thanks again man.
  13. 1: buy a hooker.
    2: make a video.
    3: ??????????
    4: famous.
  14. I think you need to read this....


    [ame=] Justin Bieber: First Step 2 Forever (100% Official) (9780062039743): Justin Bieber: Books[/ame]
  15. ^ Yah Justin, she will teach you.
  16. i wish i was in prison with justin bieber i'd do all kinds of freaky shit to him like make him smell my farts and shit and make him give me footjobs fuck it
  17. theres this website called where basically you pay people to do weird shit for £5 and there you can get people to do things like get yourself youtube views/twitter followers.

    for example - "I will add 250 Likes to your facebook fanpage for £5"
    "I will drive 2500 New Followers to your twitter account in 1 day for £5"
  18. FUCK

    so for like....500 quid i could get 250,000 followers on twitter??? :confused:

    because sir i would most certainly do that
  19. but damn hippie that's one useful motherfucking link can you vouch for it?

  20. technically yes...but it might not work like that :devious:

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