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How the fuck do I stop the munchies

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LeanSoakedBlunt, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. I like to be active . I wake up in the morning and run a mile or 2 . I also skateboard . But smoking all day leads to muchies all day and that leads to non-stop eating ! Ive been gaining so much weight . How do I stop the munchies ? -.-
  2. Self control? I dont really know what to tell you. Eat healthier if you can.
  3. Drink a lot of room temperature water, it will help suppress your appetite significantly. Good luck!
  4. Bat shit, bat Piss, bong water, dog shit......<--- that's the long secret to not having munchies mix together and drink....
  5. By eating. :rolleyes:

  6. i know from experience that eating does not stop the munchies...

  7. self control goes out the window when your baked and starving...
  8. You could start using the worst munchies in the world like raw carrot sticks, celery, ice.
    You could just do more cardio, aslong as your burning the calories you'll be fine.
    I'm lucky in the way that I can eat as much bad shit as I want and i dont gain a pound.

  9. If I had the munchies and some one offered me a fucking ice cube I honestly dont know what would happen.
  10. Try eating before you smoke. Nothing is worse than getting stoned and then realizing you haven't eaten all fucking day and then wasting your high by stuffing your face for the next four hours (I used to do this all the time).
  11. You didn't catch it as a joke? :poke:
  12. Bro . Im natural fat ass on the inside . The moment I finish a session im like FOOD FOOD FOOD . I inhale more food then i do weed .
  13. you could try eating before hand
    or eating things that act as filler (starch) , rice, potato

    and drinking a lot of juice , liquids
  14. Cigarettes work for me.

  15. honestly id probably suck on it because id probably have really bad cotton mouth. plus its cold and cold things are awesome.

  16. you made my day lmfao
  17. Eat a big breakfast in the morning and snack on fruits and nuts between meals. Its all the processed foods you eat.....chips, twinkies, frozen hot pockets, pizza rolls is all REALLY bad for you. Pretty much chemically engineered foods that make people fat. Eat REAL food and you wont gain weight, especially if you say you run and skateboard.
  18. eat beforehand

  19. Hahaha. I think having an item that is small and plentiful could help. Peanuts, raisins, whatever. Psychologically works for me....sometimes.

  20. lmao, you made my day :D

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