How the fuck do I spit game?!

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Lonelystonerr, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. I'm gonna try that :laughing:
    just kidding

    but why spit when you can swallow?
  2. Just ask her if she would like to go out sometime. If she likes you she will say yes, if she doesn't she will say maybe or no. Simple as that. Why make things so complicated lol?
  3. You should already know if she likes you or not. Very simple thing to figure out.

  4. Missed the point of the thread bro.


  5. tell him that line right there...automatic win :ey:
  6. DOnt be surprised if he just hits you and quits op those gym trainers get hit on and do some hittin of their own ALL the time. The gym is a very dumb place to hit up on people tbh. A guy hitting on a girl at the gym is so stupid because its obvious you just think shes sexy and you just wanna hit.

  7. 10-4
    i should also tell him about my non existant gag reflex lol just kidding.

  8. [​IMG]

  9. hahahahahahahaaha +rep

    That was my exact response.


  10. yeah...I know;)

  11. now if only you actually told him.

    this thread would be non existant!

  12. lol i'm just gonna go up to him while he's working out and whisper that all seductively in his ear lolol
  13. no no no no no non o no no no not seductively

    just lay it out there you know.

    remember what they say secrets secrets are no fun

    secrets secrets tell everyone !

  14. But I'm naturally seductive doe. :confused_2:
  15. then what the fuck are you doing making this thread ??

    get out there and do your thaang
  16. I gotta wait till tomorrow to get my man! lol

    god i'm imagining his biceps right now....
    and that fucking V-CUT. Good god, fuck me nowwwww.
  17. well you got his number right?

    im sure he would


  18. trust me, if i had his number we'd be cuddling and watching movies by now lol
  19. hahahahhah well shit go get them digits girl

    ask him out to lunch after a good workout session

  20. Hopefully he'll be having me for lunch if you know what I mean ;) lololol

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