How the fuck do I spit game?!

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Lonelystonerr, Mar 30, 2012.

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  2. I'm about to make this dude my bitch. lol

    well, not really. But i'm gonna make him mine.
  3. You're pretty much describing nothing that goes into a long-term relationship with somebody you literally care for. An independent woman isn't necc described as you described above. My girlfriend of 6 years was as independent as it comes and made me work for every inch of my being when we first get together, but let me tell you, as time goes on, things like talking to each other and asking each other's opinion on something is MAJORLY NEEDED for any kind of succesful relationship to continue.

    I take great pride in taking care of my girlfriend at EVERY TURN and any chance I get, but she also returns the favor because she is the independent type, not a dependent but she depends on me to make her happy and I do exactly that.
  4. Not to burst your bubble op but personal trainers smile and flirt with all the hot chicks lol.
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  6. idk theres plenty of hot bitches there that i dont see him talking too lol

    but whatevvva

    well i hope he fools around with me lol. i can keep a secret
  7. As far as spitting game for girls I mean when a girl makes it easy for me thats when I know shes interested and being flirty. For example im talking to a girl and shes laughing at pretty much anything I say or is getting really close to me while talking etc. Girls really dont have to do shit to show their intentions its guys that need to put in the work to spit game.
  8. LOL, the OP went from scared, insecure, weak & stubborn to the baddest chick on the planet in all of 6 pages.:hello:

  9. hahahaaha I know! thank you my fellow blades for helping me out.

  10. Well obviously you have to communicate. What I'm saying is that if the girl, either before we start dating or very quickly thereafter, doesn't have opinions and is malleable, then I'm not interested. I'm very interested in hearing her opinion, just as I expect her to hear mine. I'm saying that I don't like a girl who doesn't HAVE opinions. They just subject themselves to whatever their significant other wants to do. We all know people like that (at least I do), and what I'm saying is that I don't find that attractive.

    I enjoy a challenge, a girl who is going to make me question myself and work to improve myself, the same way that I expect to do the same for her.

  11. :cool:

    My advice usually has that effect...

    I keed, I keed!


  12. what is this fuckery? Please kindly GTFO of my thread.

  13. Haha didn't like what I said in the rest of your post so you singled out that one line. I see how it is.

    You don't have a chance with him lol.
  14. lol you're negativity isn't needed..
    but okay. whatever you say.
    Have a nice day.

  15. Honesty can be negative :wave:
  16. [quote name='"hoopzies"']

    Honesty can be negative :wave:[/quote]

    OH SHIT,

    The gloves have been removed :0

    If you catch my meaning...
  17. "If one doesn't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" trumps "Speak the truth and shame the devil" every time in my view...

    Just because people have to overcome confidence issues doesn't mean that women shouldn't come up and say what's on their mind, as far as matters of the heart go. Personally, it'd be nice if an attractive lady approached me in that way; it just means she knows her own mind, which is an attractive quality in itself, depending on ones POV...

  18. That's true..

    Lol i really don't want an argument over the internet so lets just leave it at that okay?
  19. Fuck i'm nervous to go to the gym tomorrow lol
  20. or you could try this...

    OPEN a can of alphabet soup

    FIND the letters G,A,M,and E

    PUT letters in mouth



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