How the fuck do I spit game?!

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  1. You're not easy at all, but your entire attention within' this thread is to bone the absolute living shit out of a gym trainer who you probably don't even know the name of, haha. Well, anyway, what you are feeling is quite normal. You're into this guy, think he's "GIN GIN GIN HOT SHIT!" and you're nervous. Typical nervous reaction to not know what to say and only focus on the right things to say.

    Simply have some more confidence in yourself and don't focus on saying the perfect thing. That's when it'll go South. When he comes over to talk to you, start asking him questions about the exercise's. Ask him to show you a move that you DON'T know and flirt with him in the process and make it known. After your workout, shake his hand, and slip him your number.

    That's the only way to do it in your situation. He's obviously comfortable enough to come over and talk to you, as what a trainer should be able to do. Just don't get caught up if he's staying close to his job title. I'd still look out for that regardless.

  2. pretty much...

    wait.. I don't work at a gym :confused:

  3. Like i stated before i just don't want to bone him...thats only in my fantasies.
    i just wanna kick it, and see what happens and we actually do know each others names lol

    I have done all of what you said, asked him how to do excersises and all that shit but I DONT KNOW how to flirt with him, or at least I think I don't like i don't know how to take it to the 'next level.'
  4. just ask him if he'd like to kick it after work, I'm sure you know how to flirt.. flirt with him when y'all are alone.

  5. steps steps.
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    The reason he probably won't call you without you prompting him to is because he is professional and values his job. To him, it's not worth the gamble to figure out if you're interested because if you're not, he could be fired.

    Just get a business card, write your number on the back, and give it to him. Tell him you'd like to see him sometime. If he's interested, he'll probably call you as soon as he gets off.



    Saw the post above me that you're looking for baby steps. Like I said, he's at work. It's unprofessional for him to do any more than very light flirting. You're already past the baby steps phase, it's time to sack up (yes, I do understand the irony) and give him your number.

  7. well if you guys talk and know each other to that level, what's wrong with asking to hang out?! if a pretty lady asked me that, I'd jump on that opportunity like a fat kid on a baconator
  8. I wish I can help you out with my side of the coin when it comes to flirting because I do it in an ENTIRELY different way as I am a man. If I would think a girls flirting with me and leaving me feeling pretty good, then I'd focus on her body movements, the way she plays with her hair, eye contact and if she leans close to me or even nudge's me at any point without making it obvious. Of course, smiling has a lot to do with it and make simple jokes in the process stand out to me when a girl is flirting with me.

    That said, if you've got past all of that (which you mentioned above) then I think you're overlooking this thing WAY too hard. You've simply arrived at the point to ask him out for a drink one night or maybe even dinner and exchange numbers.

    That, I'm confident you can take care of at this stage. Flirting or trying to get him to notice you won't advance anything at this point. You exchanging numbers with him will break that ice barrier. Good luck!;)
  9. Pretty much mirror's my thoughts and observation. Well said.:hello:
  10. Next time you see him just tell him that you're glad you met him and you'd love to hang outside of the GYM setting...

    being shy is part of the experience,it romanticizes the moment a me its great for a guy to witness a girl being shy while asking him out,cuz its usually the other way around

    Good luck!!!

  11. See that's the thing he isn't that professional when it he's around me. he'll make jokes, and he'll be inappropriate (but not in a creepy way) like he's not even at his job.

    I would do the whole number thing but idk if im at that level yet to where i can ask him to chill or something like that you know?

    I've concluded that this is hopeless

    /thread. :/
  12. If you're not right in your mind yet to make that advancement, just simply continue to do what you're doing.

    Show up, strike up conversation and don't worry about the little things. As time goes on and once you allow yourself not to try so hard, then it'll come easier than what you're describing. You'll be fine. At what you say, you're a pretty girl and have the shyness that attracts most men to begin with. It'll come. Be patient.

  13. You're being ridiculous. I mean that in the nicest way possible. You won't know until you ASK HIM! If you're as good-looking as you say you are (feel free to PM me a picture, I'll judge for you xD kidding... sort of) and the two of you have fun together then you're already at the stage where one of you needs to make a move.

    All I'm telling you is that you're already past the baby steps phase. And you're going to have to be the one to make a move, because he's at work and you're not. Just do it!


  14. I'm gonna need ll the luck i can get. i need to stop being such a fuckin' pussy!

    You know what FUCK IT! i'm just gonna walk up to him and tell him that i think he's attractive and go from there.

    im tired of being such a little bitch

  15. this x1000
  16. Umm, stupid idea but why not just be straight with him LS?

    If you want to go out with him, just ask? :confused_2:

    I'm guessing he's older than you, he probably won't want all the steriotypical playing around bulls**t, and a straight question is going to get you a straight answer.

    Guys like straight questions, they avoid all the misunderstandings and complicated bull...
  17. Don't tell him you think he's attractive. That's kind of campy. Just walk up to him, hand him your goddamn phone number (maybe make a little kiss face in it or something, whatever you chicks do) and tell him your phone's always on.

    If he's into you, like somebody above me has said, he'll call you right away. If he isn't he'll simply keep your relationship strictly in the gym & that's that. As I said, start matching your inside beauty with your outside beauty! If you're as pretty as you say you are, then I'm sure it'll go smooth.

    Like Rocky in Rocky III: GO FOR IT.

  18. i don't play games. i just dont know how to kick this thing off lol
    but i'll see what happens.

    if i get rejected im gonna feel like a fucking ugly idiot.

    lololol jk

    no, but seriously i probably wont just say he's attractive.. i'll come up with something better and then if his reaction i good THEN i'll give him my number

  20. This is why guys think girls are crazy. Like I said, if you're anywhere near as attractive as you claim to be, you're a good looking girl. Girls let themselves get so built up and emotionally invested and then when something goes wrong you hate yourselves.

    Don't do that. You're not being fair to yourself. "A fucking ugly idiot" my ass... But I will tell you one thing. A good-looking girl who convinces herself that she's ugly IS ugly. Behind the skin.

    Just my .02. Something for you to work on, dear.


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