How the fuck do I spit game?!

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  1. Okay, so theres this FINE ASS trainer at the gym that i go to. We talk quite a bit when I'm there and I almost feel like he's flirting with me but I cant be too sure. We always meet eyes every once in a while across the gym and we always smile at each other. (His smile gives me a fucking laddddyyyy boner by the way)

    For the Past 4 months since I've joined the gym this has been going on. How the fuck am I supposed to seduce him. I'm not trying to brag but I've never really had to go after a guy or make the first move since they kind of just all fall in my lap and come to me first. So in a nutshell, i cant spit game to save my fucking life.

    How do I at least get my foot in the door? I'm clueless...HELP!
  2. Be a dick, oh wait your pulling a dude
    Then just go up to him and touch his penis
    Should work
  3. Just go up and pull out your boobies and start jacking him off while singing amazing grace

    Edit: That's what turns me on at least.
  4. your a girl, you don't "spit game", well unless your gay, which im assuming you not? anyways just write your name and number on a piece of paper and give it to when while walking out and say something like "text me sometime" and smile. if hes intrested he'll text you if not move on to another fish in the sea.
  5. the number on a piece of paper would def work. If youre trying to be more subtle ask him to help you with an exercise. If he's a trainer hell def be interested, and you will be doing something at the same time so it won't get awkward. Good luck, let us know how it goes
  6. Well to the first 2 posters thank you lol

    He actually does have access to my number since i've given it to him because we've had like 2 personal training sessions together. Maybe i just need to give him a little nudge to actually like call or text me sometime? idk

    I feel like i should start out subtle and have him warm up to me more first. Were very friendly with each other, we make each other laugh, and we playfully bicker back and forth about stupid shit which is great.

    I'm just a fucking pussy and am too nervous to do shit.
    I don't even know why i am either, whats the worst he can do reject me? but i dont want things to be awkward.
    Fuck it
    #YOLO hahah
  7. The first two posters are right. Just text him "DTF?" and see what he says. (PS: he won't say no). It'd be so easy to pick up guys if you're a decent looking girl. WE WON'T SAY NO
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    I agree with blades above me saying that you don't need to "spit game" to gather this dude's full attention. It's different for women, especially good looking women. Hell, even good looking dude's have trouble time to time snatching up the girl on the dance floor because by nature's standards, guy's have to prove themselves to women than women do to men (especially when looks are involved.)

    Now, from reading your post OP, it seems like you guys are attracted to each other and exchanging smiles from across the room signifies that. I'm a dude, & since you're interested in him, you may have to make the first move and let him know that you're not the typical good looking stuck up bitch that thinks her shit doesn't stink just because of good looks. You may have to connect with him at a bigger emotional level to let him know you're interested.

    If you just are DTF, then that should be easy for you. He'll bite 100 times out of 100 if he doesn't already have somebody because a person's first feelings for each other is the lust portion & it's all about being attractive to that person at first sight.
  9. ^idkvabout that
  10. Females do nt spit game unless your a coochie chaseer :) You dont need to do shit hell just tell him hes cute and you want to kick and I bet hell hop right on that.

  11. DUDE I'm soooooooo fucking DTF it's not even funny. Like i would ride that for fucking DAYS! But that's not all I want from him so I'm not gonna try to get at him like that...yet :devious:

    How the fuck do i connect with him on a 'bigger emotional level'?
  12. Op is a redflag.
  13. [quote name='"Lonelystonerr"']

    DUDE I'm soooooooo fucking DTF it's not even funny. Like i would ride that for fucking DAYS! But that's not all I want from him so I'm not gonna try to get at him like that...yet :devious:

    How the fuck do i connect with him on a 'bigger emotional level'?[/quote]

    I wish I was this guy you're talking about...
  14. This makes me hate fuckign society. Why can't the women man up fuck cultural rules.
  15. You do realize you hold the keys in your own pocket, right? If you're DTF, then you have everything at your disposal to show him that. Dude's don't assume that role, it's ultimately the ladies decision to let the man know she's DTF, not the other way around. Dude's are DTF anywhere, at anytime.

    You even said yourself that you never had this problem as guys "dropped on your lap" most of your life so use what you have and it should basically come easy.

    Now, since this dude is a trainer at the Gym, there is a possibility that he isn't interested and gives off the flirting vibe only because of his job requirements at keeping people occupied inside of the gym. His job may be like anybody else's, which means if someone finds out he's doggy-ing a regular at the gym, then his job could be in jeopardy so watch out for things like that.

    If you don't know how to connect with somebody at a bigger and emotional level, then you need to close your legs and work on your personality a tad bit better. Atleast now you know how all those dudes felt when they "dropped on your lap" all those times.
  16. For every 5 chicks I see at the gym that I'd like to bone, I hint to 0 at them. If they showed me the slightest glimmer of interest however, I would worship dere bodiez like none other. The gym is just such a strange place for a male to approach a female... Think: girl with headphones, large open space, not sure if girl is in flirt or workout mode, etc." However the reverse would work in almost any setting, we are dudes

  17. how so?

    I dont think he is just taking to me because of his job, i mean i hope not we'll make eye contact and he'll get up and come talk to me. or if i'm on a cardio machine he'll walk over and chat me up...

    I do know how to connect with people on a n emotional level, and I don't need to close my legs. I'm not easy at all. I just don't know what to say :/ im just nervous.

    i feel like i say the perfect things in my head but when i actually talk to him i forget everything
  18. and to some of the posters in this not expecting him to make the first move.

    i'm trying to 'man the fuck up' but this is all new to me.
    I'm learning..chill the fuck out

  19. so i should just casually be like "YOU'RE ATTRACTIVE" in the middle of a conversation?
  20. [quote name='"Lonelystonerr"']

    so i should just casually be like "YOU'RE ATTRACTIVE" in the middle of a conversation?[/quote]

    Text him "hey wanna get a drink sometime?"

    Then you'll be riding his dick all week.

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