How the fuck do I quit cigs?

Discussion in 'General' started by Cplus, Mar 26, 2016.

  1. I started smoking 7 years ago and never tried to quit until two weeks ago when my friend pulled a bet with me for $10 that I couldn't go a week.

    I thought it would be easy! I mean just don't buy a pack and don't smoke anything. How hard could it possibly be to not get yourself to light up? Well... I lost the bet less than 24 hours later.

    I can't go a full day and people say it peaks on the third day. My plan was quit for the week and just start back again but after this I wanna quit this shit for good.

    Any advice?
  2. You have to really want to man and even then its not going to be easy or fun.i quit a few years ago and still when I see someone smoking a cig I want one.
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  3. In Soviet Russia cigs quit you.
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  4. Best method I've found is to sleep off the withdrawals, if you can get an undisturbed day to do so.
  5. Just Quit, seriously, don't buy it, don't smoke it. It's s mental state, only you can do it, nobody else or any other method will do it for you, I only helped Allan Carr making a millionaire , I read the book though, maybe it helped

    Haven't smoked a cigarette for more than 20 years and, it took me about three years to hate the smell

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  6. Good luck bro. I don't smoke cigs, but i watched my best friend smoke his last pack about 10 times.
    You gotta really want it. Its nothing to quit weed, but tobacco is physically addicting.
    My friend basically weened himself. Gradually smoking less and less. Idk how much you smoke, but if you smoke a pack a day, try to make a pack last 3 days. Thats basically what he did. Then the next pack try to make it last a week. So on and so on.
  7. My advice would be to try e-cigs or nicotine patches but that didn't work for me... it's more than just physical, I have a huge psychological craving to just smoke...
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  8. Mind over matter. In the most simplest terms, all you have to do is not put them in your mouth and light them on fire. You have to show strength when nobody else is looking. If you do not want to quit then you will not succeed. I was a smoker for over a decade. I quit cold turkey and I still remember the wife trying to buy me cigarettes during that first week. I don't really remember but I guess I was being a real ass. Just muscle through and it will be better. For years after I quit I would salivate when I saw somebody enjoying one. It's been close to four years now and I honestly don't miss it at all anymore.
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  9. I would not switch to another method of ingesting nicotine. You will only trade one habit for the other. You will not fix the problem.
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  10. Just stop, if you really want to quit you can. I smoked from the time I was 13 until I was 21 and then just stopped cold turkey, I don't believe a person could actually be chemically dependent on cigarettes that's just an excuse people use so their kids cant force them to quit. If you wouldn't suck a dick for a pack of smokes, then you aren't really addicted.
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  11. 2year this month. Never lapsed once. Im still vaping nicotine niw though. But im never smoking again. In fact i really cant stand the smell of smoke these days

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  12. Good luck man! I smoked from 18-22 and I still have the occasional cig but I found that using "portion control" helped. Smoking less and less cigs over a longer period of time really worked for me. Some people have the motivation to quit cold turkey but I found that to be very difficult and had more cravings.

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  13. Addictions are funny. One would think it'd be easy to control your own body's actions, eh? I quit lots of times. Once I quit for ten years and started again, once for five, and many times for a few weeks or months. What I found works best is nicotine patches. Put one on and if you still are having cravings put on another. I would usually be wearing two patches and wear each for two days so each morning I'd take off the older one and put on a new one. Slowly wean to the mildest patch and after a couple of weeks on that just leave the last one on until it finally drops off. Easy peasy, there are few cravings, and patches give you vivid dreams to enjoy. I haven't smoked since ecigs came out so I can't comment on those.

    It was always harder for me to stay quit than to quit. Look out for the third week clean, you'll think you have it made and let your guard down. There's a voice in your head that will try to tell you one cig every three weeks won't hurt you. Don't listen, it's a trick.
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  14. We tend to lack self-control when we are stressed out or burned out. This is why, for example, people living in poverty tend to drink a lot of alcohol. It's also why Wall Street millionaires drink a lot of alcohol, too.. for what is worth. Your environment and personal circumstances will greatly impact your ability to quit.
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  15. Will power is the biggest key factor, if you believe that you can quit smoking then you can quit.
  16. My first thoughts upon reading this
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  17. They say great minds think alike!
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  18. Smokin blunts helped me but weed relatively cheap here
  19. I met a syrian man who said that he cut all his cigarettes in half to quit smoking. He was still doing it...
  20. It's fuckin hard, bro. I'm currently at like 3 weeks without tobacco.

    I've been using nicotine patches and a nice e cig.

    I still get cravings everyday.

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