how the f do I put a screen on this?

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  1. I'm doing hst lst every st to get my plants to grow even and the only thing is I want to do is scrog. but is it even practical with a 4-5 foot tall plant to have a screen on it?

    And how would you get around them in a tent?
  2. A single 4-5 foot plant can definitely benefit from a screen.

    I'm not sure exactly what your question is though... There really is no getting around a screen. There is below and above the screen. Below is generally stems and pop corn buds. Above is usually main colas on branches/main stem.
  3. Around it as in like to check the back of it the front the left or the right

    Right now I have a 5 by 5 tent(looks like a jungle its so full)
    With just 4 plants run in dwc under a 1k hps. if I put a screen over my plants that I can't move, I won't be able to change nutes in the back two plants....

    Now I see why rdwc is catching on
  4. Hmm, yeah a 5x5 tent is fairly large.

    If it's a hassle to reach the back plants I'd stay away from it. Maybe just find a way to LST the plants so they get a fairly even coverage without tying them to a permanent screen?
  5. Yeah I'm doing lst n hst now like I said & im getting them all lollipoped out like a mo fo.
    I haven't weighed my first harvest yet like this(drying now) but its a strain I know and it looks like I got 4-5 oz from one plant.
    So with 4 that's like 16-20 zip per 1k light under extreemly optimal conditions :)
    With that being said I Dont wanna count my eggs and look a fool.

    Thankz 4 the help the app really needs a Rep button
  6. Well whatever you end up doing good luck, and may your harvest be plentiful. :D :wave:

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