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How tall to grow?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by E-N-D, Aug 22, 2006.

  1. So, I guess this is a question more towards the more experienced growers.

    Space is not an issue. I am looking to produce around 1-2 oz's per plant. My conditions etc are perfect. Can anyone give me an estimate, hight wise of vege growth before i should switch to 12/12?
  2. how is space not an issue?
    If it's an indoor grow u must have a roof & lighting, plus u have to deduct the height of ur pots.
    Biggest I've grown indoors, I started flowering at 3 1/2 ft & it got way out of control toward the end..
    Depends if it's a bushy fat plant or a long dangly 1. 2ft is a nice height for good bud weight & manageability.

    Nice trick with tall plants (in soil) is to tip the pots over 45degrees - obviously support the pots with something!!.
    Rotate them daily for best results ;) Much more light in usually shaded places.
  3. Fuck the 1-2 oz plants.. just grow 1 one pounder.. :)

  4. So at what hight would you veg, to get a one pounder,
  5. I have had good luck with growing AK47 in veg to about 2.5 feet tall (not including pale) in 3.5 gallon pales, 5 plants in total under 1 - 1000 watt HPS clipped once early on. My finished yeild was 1.5 pounds bone dry. I thought this was pretty good. I used Promix BX and Advanced Nuurtients. Hope this gives you an idea anyways.

  6. Thanks for the good and some what wank comments (from some partys).

    I will give some specs to clear things up:

    The area is 2 meters high (excluding light and pot hight).
    The area is 4 meters square.
    There are currently 16 plants (therefore i dont want to veg to long).
    There is 3 1000w MH bulbs running, which will change to HPS on 12/12 change.
    The plants are in 16 litre pots (each).

    The plants are, northern lights which apears to be very indica, Hunk (a local cross of silver pearl and skunk 01) seems very sativa and finally Ak47.

    The soil is some mix which contains:

    Fine pumice on the top inch
    a mixture of:
    Peat Palm
    worm castings
    Corse pumice
    Fine pumice on the bottom inch

    The plants are being fed with growzilla at present. I intend upon changing to budzilla+head master+catalyst+sulpher of postash/meta K in the flowering period.

    (The base has an air tube running in with an air stone. constantly pumping air into the soil/root system.).

    So, i want 1-2 O a plant.

    am i on the right track if i grow 2 foot high?
  7. crap crap crap crap crap!
    I started flowering at about 4ft...... this is going to be insane!
  8. Most plants will at least approximately double in height in the first half of the flowering period, so if you have 2 meters to work with, I wouldn't push them much past 1 meter in veg unless you are planning to do some training later on to keep them out of the lights. A lot of this varies by strain (hunk should show this tendency based on the strains used to create the hybrid, but I don't know about the others exactly). If you really want some HEAVY plants, make sure to bush them out as much as possible through SCROG, FIM, LST, topping or whatever and after you've filled the canopy up at about .6-1 meter and than flower the hell out of them.
  9. oh bugger bugger bugger! what the hell am I going to do? hahahah this should prove interesting...
    So i should top them again now? They're already starting to flower as I'm using natural lighting.
  10. Hey eclipse, if you have enough room and your medium supports it (soil, won't work for hydro-obviously) lay the plants down on their sides. You will lose one side of the plant, but the other side should all grow like wild-fire towards the light. Otherwise, just bend the plant over as far as it will grow without damaging the stem and tie the stem onto itself like a question mark. (?) that should buy you a foot or two (or more) depending on how thick and pliable your stem is.
  11. Good idea, thanks for the advice.
    I've got a slight problem with the plants as well, some of the leaves look burnt and are curling downwards.... I don't know what's wrong :(
  12. burnt leaves + curling downwards = nute burn. Flush your soil and back off on the nutes. I had a problem myself with this in my latest hydro experiment. Hydro is a lot different than soil I am learning.

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