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how tall does golden goat grow

Discussion in 'Cannabis Breeding' started by BLANK2042, Apr 10, 2011.

  1. i know its sativa dominant, but it has some indica like 30/70, but i was wondering if it grows shorter than a full sativa or what, heard this one makes people motivated or even energetic, so i want to try if not grow
  2. no tellin how tall it wil get,to many factors determine it.but i can tell you that for the most part you control how tall it gets by when it goes into flower and if you have topped it or lst is. now the 30/70 cross is mostly sativa from the ratio but should "maybe" have enough indica genetics in it to help shorten them up some.but really it boils down to who bred it and what they where lookin for or liked.so you could pop them and them be 5ft or 2ft.jst gotta find out.i wouldnt veg for more then say 5weeks give or take with a strain your new with.that way it gives you room to learn and possibly wont overgrow your room/box.goodluck to ya man.

    also your post was incomplete.what strain are you even talking about and more info could maybe be provived.
  3. its a strain called "golden goat" it was in the title, and one major question is when should we top them, if its needed to shorten.....or to go for a main branch split. and thats in general whats a good time to top?
  4. i usually do it at the 3-4th set of branches from the bottom so i get like 6-8 tops.justthink about how many branches you wont and look and count how many sets of 2 there is going all the way up and figure out whats best for you.thats broke down so its easyer to understand.go to google and start typing in questions and youll be pleased at the out come. goodluck man.

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