How tall are you blades?

Discussion in 'General' started by reeferer420, May 3, 2011.

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    Ya man, I'm also 6 and jeans are a pain in the bum bum

  2. Same here
  3. 6'6" w/ 16 2E shoe. Have to buy pretty much everything online.

    My complaint about being tall is about how fucking wide all the shirts are in the stores. Made for all of these obese short guys, they're forgetting about us tall guys.

    Edit: Another complaint would be me being asked how tall I am, which happens way too often.
  4. Last I checked I was about 5'8

  5. Haha, yeah man, I'm 6'5" and people always say something about how tall I am when I first meet them. It's just kind of awkward because it's like, I didn't ask for this, it's just the way I am...haha. And besides, pretty much any other remark about some blatantly obvious characteristic of a person's appearance (shortness, weight, skin color, etc.) would be considered inappropriate.

    But oh well...better tall than short, I suppose. :smoke:

  6. No way...Donald Glover is a dude! :p

  7. I totally agree. He's a funny guy...:D

    Yah, I'm a girl. Don's just a little celebrity crush...

    I have a funny story for you though...

    Scene: crowded subway at rush hour. Someone steps on my foot and immediately says "sorry about that". I say, "it's ok." without looking up. A few seconds later I turn to see who it was. I see hips. I look up. I keep looking up. (to myself: 'gee, that guy's tall! how tall is he???).... Well, he did step on my foot, so's I figure he owes me one!

    Me: "'Can I ask you something?"
    Guy: leans in close
    Me: "How tall are you?"
    Guy: 6'5"
    Me: "Whoa, you're a healthy boy!"
    Guy: "How's your marriage?"
    Me: (blushing bright red, getting redder) "It's good!" (giggle) "That was a great response. You put me in my place!"
    Man standing next to us: Laughing. (whoa, now we have an audience!)
    Guy: "Naw, no, it's not like that. It's just that I can't ask you out to dinner if you're married. Actually, I would take you out to dinner even if you are married, but..."
    Me: "You're really sweet."(beet red, controlling embarrassed laughter)
    Guy: "Well, I try." (he knows he failed)
    Fade to a 14th St exit...:smoke:
  8. 7 and some change.

    Er, wait...

    I mean, 5'11.
  9. 6'3.

    I get the whole tall spiel too, but whatever. There are taller folks.
  10. i still dont know why everyone needs to know how tall i am in public, or if i play basketball.

    if you see a tall guy somewhere like my height(6'6'') and up, just understand that we get lots of questions about our height and it gets ANNOYING AS HELL!!!
  11. 5'10" and i wear a size 11. i have massive feet

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