How tall are you blades?

Discussion in 'General' started by reeferer420, May 3, 2011.

  1. 5'7" with shoe size 9. with a 6 inch penis that has a slight curve to the left, starting right under the head
  2. 5'4 like a fuckin boss.

    Shoe size, fuckin 9 1/2

    Medium fuckin shirts and shit.

    fuckin hat is 7 3/8

  3. Same shoe size, height, and hat size. WE ARE THE SAME.

  4. the way you told that

    i fucking died

    my face when

  5. But do you get the bitches!?

  6. ahaha you win bro you win
  7. 1.85m i guess thats 6'2... tallest guy in my grade, no one fucks with me or my ganj >:) im a nice guy tho :)
  8. 5'6"
    shoe size 7 1/2

  9. lmfao i just realized i liked ALL of vikingtokers posts here.


  10. I liked this, then unliked it

    Two likes back

    Karma broe
  11. shit man im sober and i still didnt get that.:confused:

    ive done the like unliked like shit tooo many times here haha

  12. it was a joke broe
  13. 6', size 11-12 shoes, not sure on hat. don't really wear hats.

    except funny hats.
  14. 5 feet tall.
  15. Im 0.00111 Miles tall.
  16. im 5 9 and wear size 12 shoes looks silly for my height
  17. 5' 10"

    Size 9 shoe. Kinda small feet. Doesn't affect the luggage. Golden ratio is bull. haha

    Only weigh 125 lbs. though. Fucking hard to find 34 length jeans with a 30 waist.
  18. Thread title should be changed to "What are your specs, blades?"
  19. I'm 6'0
    I have to buy all of my pants and shoes online. :[

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