How tall are you blades?

Discussion in 'General' started by reeferer420, May 3, 2011.

  1. 4'10''. Ha!

  2. You win?
  3. Any 3ft female midgets looking for a job?

    Send me a pm.
  4. hahaha..

    Im a Lady, i guess im cool.

  5. Won the thread. :p

  6. Size 6 1/2 !
  7. PrincessTHC I think the size of one's hand might tell you more than their feet.:ey:
  8. Back in high school I used to work at a bowling center.

    One time late at night a couple came in. This dude was HUGE, and I am not joking. I was definitely over 6' at the time, and I was looking into his sternum when we were face to face. Anyway, he gets the biggest size shoes the place had and then he leaned in close to me so only I could hear and says "Hey man, you know what they say about big feet? It isn't true at all!"

    I wanted to burst out laughing, but I kept it together. He was a legit guy, so I gave him a discount. You have to give credit for honesty.
  9. 6'2. Size 13 which I think is 14 in america.

    Still got plenty of growing to do :D
  10. 6'3-6'4
    shoe size 12

    perrrffectttly ok
  11. Fuck you guys I'm 5'2.
  12. Haha, that sucks.

    If we were to stand facing each other, you would probably be staring into my nipples.
  13. Once had a girlfriend that was 4'11
    i wasnt even 6 ft yet and she was on tippy toes. lol.
  14. 5 ft. 9, like Royce.

    Shoe size = 11.5

  15. 6'7" here...:wave:
  16. 5'7. would prefer 5'10 but never had any problems with the ladies so its all good.
  17. 5'11'' size 11

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