How tall are you blades?

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  1. 6ft 1in and size 11 shoes
  2. back from smoking a bowl:bongin: and damn didnt expect so many responses!:D

    theres a lot 6'+ on here I'm shocked. although i highly doubt I'll find anyone taller than me.:)

  3. ouch.
  4. Being that short is okay for a girl, or anybody named Bellla for that matter. :smoke:

  5. whats your shoe/cock size? ...for the ladies i mean...
  6. I was measured at 6'2" last time I was at the doctor, at age 17. I am probably between 6'3" and 6'4" these days.

    Ha! Try fitting into a Lotus or Porsche. As fun as they are to drive/ride in, they are definitely NOT made for tall people.
  7. or how about a smart fortwo. i could see myself racing a red light and getting tboned by a fully loaded semi (also racing the light) in one of those. messy.

  8. Okay cause I fibbed I'm actually 5 foot..
    Fuck short genetics LOL
  9. 6'3 shoe size 12-13

  10. Suuuuuuure.

    I'm a shoe size 8 by the way :ey:

  11. All the guys in my family grew at 21, no joke! There's hope ;) lol
  12. yo you liked m'post, and thats my dogs name. no way, and she just came up and kissed me. is it you doing that under the bed bella? wtf..brb

    edit': k, she isnt my dog my dog is standing at the edge of my NAKED FUTON staring at me with her sunglasses at night.

  13. watchu smokin'?:confused:

  14. That's what my mom said, only it went "All the girls in our family get double D's at 21, no joke! There's hope!" .........I'm afraid unless things truly change in the next 8 months, she is a dirty liar.

  15. Haha man I want what your smoking. My dogs name is Bella too, NO FUCKING JOKE!!

  16. I'm not eve joking (man I say that a lot) all the girls on my family are D's too once they reach their 20s WTF is this shit!? Lol
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    I'm 5'8 and my shoe size is 14W ;)

  18. Lololol. Perhaps there is Hope in the world yet then!
  19. 6'0. Wish I had 4 more inches.

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