How tall are you blades?

Discussion in 'General' started by reeferer420, May 3, 2011.

  1. I'm 6'6'' and people often ask me how tall I am, or if I play basketball etc. It gets annoying, its always the first thing people ask me when i meet someone new.

    anyways how tall(or short) are you guys?!
  2. 6'0, it's a bitch trying to find jeans in the stores haha
  3. 6'1"

    keep the combo going :smoke:
  4. 6'1, I hate having big feet! Not all shoes look good in a size 14 :mad:
  5. Last time I checked I was 6'1" but that was 2 years ago.
  6. damn i wish i was as tall as yall, it sucks being short! im 5'10
  7. 6'1" like a boss
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    6ft with socks lol.

    lets keep this the 6 plus...
    nah i kid i kid

    edit:size 12shoe wide. it sucks spending a few extra dollars to get new shoes cus of the big sizes
  9. oh no! am i the only one under 6ft on GC:confused:
  10. 5' 5".

    I ruin yourz plan.
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    Are you serious? Short... really? Take your height for granted. I'm fucking 5'4".
  12. I think I'd rather know people's shoe sizes than heights....
  13. 6'2. small feet for my height tho, i wear 10.5-11s
  14. my height is shit, i still have to put up with the horrors of you guy's daily lives, the gawkers, the rude dickheads, the lack of 36length pants in ANY stores.. but im only just over 6 ft. so i cant really say im exceptionally tall. i get the SHIT end of the height stick. err measuring stick.

    and btw my feet are huge but my cocks only average. so once again im shit. oh well at least i dont have AIDS. :confused_2:
  15. I think that's a good size, I have 11 and I think it's pretty proportional to 6 and over height
  16. fuckin 5' 4" was whatever at its fucked up, i'm almost 21.
  17. 6'2", and yes it is a bitch to find pants, feel bad for the real tall people :rolleyes:
  18. what also sucks about being over 6 ft is that you cant get into a miata or an s2000

  19. You call that short?! Bro I'm 5'1
  20. well my best friends are 6'3-6'5 so me being 5'10 i feel so short especially in pictures

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