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  1. how tall should your plants be when you start them budding ? i have been told 18 inches to 6 feet do you get more buds out of tall plant or just more stem? is it better to have a bunch of small plants or few large plants.i am growing indaca strain .:smoking:
  2. What kind of light are you using, Indica's dont really get big inside so..
  3. halitzor right indicas do stay small if you dont stretch them (lack of light) im on my 5th node and its about 4/5 inches tall, go to 12/12 when ever you want people do it from seed i vegged for about 2 weeks recomened was 4 but i want it done by xmas so that was the only reason
  4. most indica strains will not grow over 6' anyways... alot of people grow SOG rather than growing a few plants to relatively large size simply because they can produce more smaller plants faster than you could produce a few larger plants...
  5. ^

    Simply because of lack of veg time with SOG, you go straight to flower.
  6. 1000 hps
  7. If you're using a 1000 we have to assume room size is not an issue or you would be killing yourself with heat. In that case... I wouldn't let them get over 2 feet before you start flower. Mine were about 2 feet, now about 5.5 half through flowering. *sativa*
  8. im growing strictly for personal use so im not trying to produce pounds at a time. if you flower an indica between 12 and 18 inches you're finished plant SHOULD be somewhere between 2 and 3ft when its time to harvest.... i have seen a few plants that were 18"
    when flowering was started and the plant was 22" at the time of harvest.. the plant gained a whole 4 inches of veg growth during flowering... i believe he yielded a little more than 2 oz per plant. dont remember what strain it was.

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