How sucky is my $15 bong?

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  1. Got this on ebay for $15, its about 9 inches tall, i dig it but i'm worried bout the longevity of the o-rings. thoughts? glass is pretty thin, but is this thing decent? i did get SMACKED out of it the other night so maybe thats all that matters lol :D

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  2. Replacement o-rings are cheap
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  3. Yea for 15 bucks as long as it works you could buy a new one every 6 months doe that price. O ring is going to cost a couple bucks that's almost as much as the bong lol.
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  4. Cheap bongs are the way forward if you're like me & break them easily :laughing::laughing:, every bong I own cost no more then £13 lol
  5. O rings only cost a few cents.. dirt cheap
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  6. Oh well then stock up on some o rings and as long as op doesn't brake the bong it will last a lifetime. :)
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  7. Yeah thats what ill do. Thing is the internal stem doesnt come out and it also has o-rings. Or maybe i'm just dumb and stoned and it does come out and i just gotta take the rings off.

    My review

    - cheap
    - small
    - can still get you smashed

    - not particularly durable
    - weird bowl fitting size?? like it's not compatible with any bowls i own
    - o rings
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  8. Your downstem deffo comes out man.. it does look weird af though.. almost as if there's 2 bowls & 1 downstem it's probably just tight from the o rings that's why ur finding it hard to remove
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  9. I've had several bongs with downstem/bowl like that. It all comes apart. Be careful though. Thin glass breaks sometimes when removing the downstem grommet.
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  10. E3E1E1AB-C61A-4972-AB8A-13A9EB2A97EE.jpeg I buy all kinds of bs paraphernalia.
    I’m old enough to know better.
    This is all I need.
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  11. Wait so it doesn't fit a normal slider?
  12. Well yea i enjoy rolled marijuana myself at concerts or during break outside my shitty line cook job but i wanted something for smoking with mates at the crib when i'm back in college hell yea b and also that i could carry in backpack to someone else's house if i wanted to. I'm 25 and still in college, go figure. Think weed has had something 2 do with it lol
    Nah my gut feeling is its made in china or something and their measurements arent the standard. I tried finding info about it online but nah so. Also the bigger bowl I have feels like it would tip it over even with water lol
  13. I understand you OP

    Good luck
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  14. I've broke a cheap bong and just took a poweraid bottle and made one after I broke it!!! Not broke don't fix!! I just broke another glass one so I got a new silicone one. Comes with a stash box 20190711_200747.jpg 20190715_070435.jpg 20190715_070422.jpg

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  15. I once made one out of a cranberry juice jug and pen tube, saved the cran juice in a pitcher , smoked, then drank it later to detox :D hows that for efficiency

    Also the listing said hookah, how/could i use this thing with hookah tubes?
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  16. That's interesting you say hookah tubes.. your downstem has almost another bowl is that part of the bong or the downstem??

    If it's part of the bong you'd put a hookah hose in where the downstem is.. it's the perfect shape for a hookah hose dude

    Idk how you'd smoke shisha or anything else in though if you put a hookah hose in the bowl bit :laughing:
  17. Use alchohol to loosen the rubber grommet. It will loosen its cell structure just enough to slip them out (usually )
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  18. Its connected to the downstem. Could probably still put a hookah hose but shit you're right. I think the hookah thing was an advert ploy
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  19. Yes I have one and I bought a glass bowl for it! Omg it would knock u da fuk out

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  20. For 15 bucks that's a good piece. You could do much worse. In fact that's about as good as u can do for that money. Really thin glass is annoying cause it can break in the most unexpected of ways so be extra careful if it is.

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