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How strong is weed smoke ?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Bannanamannn, Jun 24, 2017.

  1. My room is downstairs & others rooms are upstairs. If i open & blowout my window will the smell be noticeable? Will it travel upstairs? The windows up there are also open so will it go from my bottom window into the top window ? I also don't want my room smelling like it. Thanks

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  2. Don't smoke inside.
    Problem solved
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  3. Listen to first guy. The smoke is going to smell up your house. Just hop out your window and smoke out there when evening hits then hop back in your window when done. Also yes the smell could possibly go up to the open windows above you make sure to stay away from those windows. Report back your success.
  4. I smoke in my room all the time
    close your vent
    open a window
    Put a blanket under your door
    It's better to smoke a pipe or bong then a joint or blunt in the room and blow out
    And don't be stupid
  5. Yes, the smell is strong and will linger in your room even with window open. Yes, there is a great chance those upstairs with an open window will smell it. Smoke outside away from house or use a Vape.
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  6. I did it & didn't get caught lol.

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  7. Nice... happy ninja tokin'
  8. Sploof maybe? Toilet paper roll stuffed with dryer sheets blow smoke through and smells kind of like air freshener. Also in the other post I just thought it was odd to take pic of buddy's stash, and wondered why you did it.
  9. I wanted a better look at the crystals & hairs before I smoked it, yet it didn't have any lol

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  10. By who? How old are you?

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