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How strong is todays weed compared to 15 years ago?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by KillaKRS95, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. I was wondering what is the difference from weed today and weed lets say 10, 15, 20 Years ago?

    How much stronger is it today?
    Are there more strains out today?
    Do more people do it?
    Is it more socially acceptable today?
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    I would say its at least doubled or tripled in potency buuuut its only because people have learned how to grow it BETTER making it just as if not healthier for you. Hippes didnt realize that lil/no sun is bad for the weed and that it needs specail nutrients and that seeds were bad for it....weve figured all this out now thus increasing potency and growing it better.

    Below is a little joke for everyone!

    Hippies always shared their weed because it was only $3 dollars a gram. I mean if you got bud for 3 bucks a gram would'nt you always call friends up to smoke?
  3. not gonna lie, that was probably the worst joke I've ever heard. But i'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you knew that and said it only because it was fitting.

    I can't really say for certain on the quality of weed 10 or 15 years ago because I'm not old enough to have first hand accounts of weed that far back
  4. My Uncle said back in the day it was 2 times half as potent as some of the dank stuff we have today (like the guy said above, people didn't know the secrets to growing it correctly, and harvesting, etc.) and he said there were no dimebags back then, weed was 3-5 bucks a gram but i dont know exactly, im taking it from him considering he grew up in the 70's and early 80's
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    no. your whole post is wrong. And sinsemilla growing has been around since the 60's. The thai, afghan etc seeds are the same landrace as today. So no the plant its self isnt anymore potent than before its the same genetics. BUT growing techniques have changed causing people to bring out the potential the plants always had
  6. Yo you dont know if im wrong all though i kinda geussed based on what ive observed !...:smoke:
  7. *gets in time machine*
  8. No i dont think its much stroner. Its just that back then the weed was shipped in primarily from other countries. Some was harvested early and most people didnt know how to properly grow it and take care of it. The genetics were there. The stuff been being bred for thousands of years. Why would it double or triple in the last 20 years?????? I dare to say thats almost impossible
  9. the weed of today is a lot more potent that what it used to be
  10. Yes, look at the push for MMJ and Prop 19

    Also did you check Mafia93s link?

    This subject was beat to death in that very thread. :wave::smoke:
  11. So what about 10 years in the future? Will our stuff be even stronger or have we maxed out??
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    How much stronger is it today?
    I couldn`t tell you, because I was never there. However looking at others posts, they seem to be similar so I could rule that as a definite explanation.

    Are there more strains out today?
    I would say so, primarily due to the hybrids now. (Of Indica, and Sativa.) Thus creating hybrid plants.

    Do more people do it?
    Again, I wasn`t around so I can`t say for sure but I`d assume so. Mostly due to the overall secrecy involved in even using it then (aside from hippies). Also, there was a lot more propaganda back then on marijuana, and drugs in general. Back then for even possession you could serve 25 - Life.

    Is it more socially acceptable today?
    Well, considering it went from serving 25 - Life to a proposition of legalization I`d say it were. Also, I see people of all cultures, and stereotypes use it. It isn`t just the hippies or the burn-outs anymore. It`s the preps, the jocks, the emos, punks, etc.

    I`m sure in the future we will somehow find a way to get even more from our sacred plant. With various kinds of discoverings always emerging. Also, I think if it were to be legalized scientists will get in on the growing process too for the government and come across some breakthroughs. Here`s to hoping! (On the breakthrough, and the legalization!)
  13. weed before had about 13% of thc. now , it's about 33%

  14. Untrue and sorry but you are just repeating propaganda.
  15. lol noooooo
  16. According to the November issue of High Times magazine I have in front of me right now the top six strains have numbers like these:

    Cali Gold, THC: 18.39% / CBD: 0.43%
    True OG, THC: 15.19% / CBD: 0.31%
    Bubba Kush, THC: 13.55% / CBD: 0.25%

    Vortex, THC: 18.19% / CBD: 0.47%
    Durban Poison, THC: 17.06% / CBD: 0.36%
    Candy Jack, THC: 15.98% / CBD: 0.29%

    (numbers by Full Spectrum Labs)

    Also, elsewhere in the magazine a scientist is quoted as saying it is physically impossible for buds to have more than 25% or 26% THC.
  17. such crappy strains. nothing over .5% of CBD come on I really hope breeding stops what its doing and goes the way it should
  18. It's funny, when traveled to zimbabwe a little ways outside of harrari, the price of weed was so low, that it was shared and distributed a lot more than anything else. Often times you could get one large nug that would be 5-7 grams for less than 10 dollars U.S. And the weed there was not nearly as potent as here, but it definitely had unique flavors and tastes that i find myself longing for sometimes. And of course, the sun there is so strong, it grows like wildflowers.
  19. lol i read this somewhere dude dw it might be untrue relax lol

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