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how strong is this?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by smokeythepuff, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. hey guys i have a friend who grows and is telling me that i should get some new weed hes selling he just told me its called gold and im wondering how strong is it he just told me it as like a smooth feel too it can anyone answer me
  2. Sounds uh like a uh good uh idea uh to me
  3. I've heard that's a clone only strain from amsterdam and that it's one of the top 5 strongest types of weed ever.
  4. Yeah man, one time my guy hooked it up phat with some shit he called 24 karat...I had never heard of the shit before but he said it was some fire so I was all like all right.

    Long story short I smoked like half a bowl and got like super duper roasted, like I thought I had traveled to the moon and had to find my rocket ship to get back or something....I dunno man, I don't even remember like half of it. But yeah I would say do it.

  5. i call my pot 'deaf'

    nigguh dis rite hurrr, ***** dis rite hurrr, if u smoke dis shittttt, you won't be able to hear
  6. I know what will solve this! A thumb wrestling contest!
  7. I remember some guys on here talking about some mayonnaise kush that was supposed to be almost that good.
  8. Name brands dont mean shit. It will get you high
  9. oooo thats fucking awsome im definetly getting an once of that shit..any of you guys from th nyc

  10. Yeah I can pull out of my ass any damn name I want, it doesn't mean much of anything. Especially coming from a dealer, he'd tell you it was so good it would suck your dick if he never had to see you again.

    Buy weed for quality, not name. Anybody can just make up whatever name they please. Look at it before you buy it, at least.

  11. [ame=]YouTube - Katt Williams - Weed[/ame]
  12. yea i know this guy happenes to be my best friend since high school soo i knw him
  13. Your friend is likely slanging Acapulco Gold. It's fairly decent bud in my opinion if grown/flushed properly

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