how strong is ffof?

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  1. hey guys ive been wondering... how good is ffof? ive been wanting to do a organic grow and i dont wanna make a super soil cause i dont wanna buy all the ingredients n stuff... i just want some good soil to where i can just plant the seed and itll be good the whole way through without any more nutes i just wanna add nothing but water so would i nog have to do any of that with ffof? i know it has some nutes in it but idk how much? the strain is blue mystic auto from nirvana if anyone knows how the strain grows thanks in advance :)

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  2. Ffof is decent, i wouldn't say its the best like a lot of folks though. It is a little hot for seedlings, and its supplying my babies with plenty of nutes.. actually have a little nitrogen toxicity currently and they are 11 weeks old vegging.

    I know autos shouldn't be transplanted so it'll just burn the seedlings a little bit until they get a few nodes going.

    Hopefully someone with more knowledge on autos comes along to help ya.
  3. As I have been led to understand it is possible to bring your plants all the way through flower without nutes using ffof . However, without feeding with an elevated level of npk (natural nutrients every plant gets from the ground) the plant will more then likely experience some less then healthy side effects in the later stages of veg and early stage of flowering. Its commonly said around here that Fox farm is too hot out of the bag for seedlings but it's never given anyone I know a problem. It is however strongly advised and supported by extensively thorough research that Your girls will do much better if you give them the correct amount of fertilizer when so they require it. Hope this helps!:)

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  4. thanks it did how about ideal 420 soil? is that any good?

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  5. I've used ffof for LRxAk47 years back and it worked fine.  I did not feed them, as the plants never showed deficiencies.  People love to hate FF, but I've found the results always positive.  High price is why I stopped using it.  Plus I hate going to the 'Grow' shop.
    Agreed, an autoflower should be in a container big enough that the roots never touch the sides.  Once they do they stop growing larger.  Normally this isn't a big deal, but with autoflowers you only have about 3 weeks of veg time, and you need to take advantage of everyday, or you end up with about a 1/4 oz or less.  Standard sex seeds you can decide on optimal size before you flower them.  
    Good luck.
  6. thanks bro your a big help! im mostly worried if i get ffof you think itll shock them i plan on planting them directly in ffof so...

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  7. Just make sure you don't over water them.  I see a lot of over watered plants that get diagnosed as burn.
    Going to do a journal?
  8. ya ill be starting one soon waiting to get the money to get things i need send me a friend request if you wanna follow along i would but im on the app

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  9. At the very least I would top-dress with wormcastings about halfway through. I've had deficiencies that were corrected just by using a compost tea, which means the soil still had plenty of nutrients in it but the microbe population wasn't healthy.
  10. I find most plants run out of nutes around week three or four with ffof.

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