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How strong is abv relative to pre-vape bud?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ad0lfpiffler, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. So I quit smoking a while ago and have been cookin edibles ever since.

    Anyways I just got a launch box. My question is about the abv. I wanna try to cook with this shit.  How strong is the abv relative to the original herb? How much thc is roughly lost via vape action?  Is this shit like 10% strength of the pre-vape herb?
  2. Shouda posted in seasoned or edibles?
  3. the amount of thc it loses is dependant upon the temp that ur vaping at. I start with 185 degrees and end at about 205-210 and that pretty much takes most of the thc out the bud. Cheaper, less well made vapes are gonna take out less thc than the more top end vapes so thats one factor to consider.

    I keep my vaped but just in case i'm dry one day. i got a good ounce of it now. I've tried smoking it and its just way too nasty for that. I've never tried edibles although there are different things released depending on the different methods of consuming the herb.
  4. It all depends on 1) How good the marijuana is/was and 2) How much you vaped it.

    My friend and I save up our vaped weed until we have about 4 grams and then make hot cocoa with it. Using 2g each is pretty good for us. More vaping means less THC in the plant. Try making edibles with your abv stuff and figure out how much you need in 'em.
  5. Honestly, I don't think anyone can help you out on dosage with vaped herb because no one knows how much you vaped it. It could still be fairly potent, yet on the otherhand, perhaps you vaped it a little too much and used up all of the psychoactive stuff. I'd say just experiment with it find out how much you need.
  6. i read somewhere on here that its 4grams of abv = 1 gram of normal bud
  7. my abv is still strong. I barely vape my herb, so the it is a lil greenish/brown. we'll use it to make blunts extra fat sometimes.

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