How strong does the odor get?

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  1. Heya guys, I've been wondering for a while now how strong the odor can get while you're growing? I'd really like to try growing a plant or two in my storage closet but I'm wondering how strong the odor can get since I live in an apartment and would want to keep it as low profile as possible (damned maintenance people may come by.)

    I realize the strength of odors can vary between plant strains but just a general idea would do for common strains for beginners.
  2. Really strong. Without oder control it can get to the point where you will smell it outside the house. I highly suggest oder control of some sort. If not then you better be in a house, not be growing a lot and have no visitors for 2 months during the stinky period. And even then you will smell it when you walk up to your door come harvest time unless your house is air tight, and when you open your door it will be like walking into a wall. In an apartment, you will need oder control, no ifs, ands, or buts.
  3. What about a few plants outside? How bad is the odor then?
  4. Well if people are close and they are well into flowering, people will smell it, although the fewer plants you have harder it will be to pinpoint where the smell is coming from. I dont have much experience outdoors but I imagine you want some good distance between the plants and locations people will frequent. Stay safe!
  5. What type of odor control would you recommend for someone with six plants, a completely sheetrocked up room except for ceiling entrance, LEO's close by, and a budget? I'll be using bagseed and using the mother from what I come up with for clones, so I probably wont have any of the super-stinky strains (too scared to order seeds offline). But Clonestyle: It stinks like hell. I had one plant about a year ago that was just vegging that stank up the closet and 3 or 4' around the closet.
  6. I can tell you guys that i had 3 main plants which were veged for 3 months about 30"(first grow)and in the 5th week of flower i almost got busted with the room venting into the attic,FILLED the 2300 square foot attic then fill ed the 500 square foot garage and then started filling the air all around the house.Had a AC guy stickin his head up in the furnace closet saying"whats that sweet sick smell?"Needless yo say the next day i get the best carbon filter i could find (can50@$140.00)and it all went away in no time,take NO chances guys....EVER!!!Can you say overkill,just dont skimp on this one.
  7. does it still smell that bad if you have a good carbon filtration system?

    i'm starting a new grow as well....homebox XS with a 6" vortex and a ProFilter carbon scrubber.

  8. I am curious as well. I am on my first indoor grow and I will be entering flowering soon. I have plans to build a carbon filter setup but this is a stealth grow. I'm concerned about visitors being able to smell it :(

    With the proper carbon filtering can you all but eliminate the smell in a small grow? I only have one plant :eek:
  9. With the right CF and fan you can filter 98% of scents.
  10. Some ONA or air freshener can fix the rest,also pop some popcorn when you expect guests,its a great coverup.
  11. Usualy I just smoke in the bathroom and the fan takes care of the odor if you let it run for about 30 minutes after.

    I live with people who don't smoke and they hate the smell
  12. oh I'm sorry I mis-read the question. Odor of growing I don't think is to strong if you keep the place well ventilated.

    Like my friend, he grows in a room in his house and keeps a fan at the window.
  13. Well, after giving it some further thought, I've decided it's just not feasible at the moment to grow in my current apartment... (Damn, I should've done it at my old place =/ ) Unless you guys think I could grow a plant in a tiny space with a minimum of smell... Almost makes me wish they had prebuilt setups you could stick under your desk :p

  14. They do. There are grow boxes cleverly disguised as computer towers. If you do a little searching around GC you'll find some threads on this.

    Thanks for answering the odor related questions!

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