How stressed are you on a 1-10 scale?

Discussion in 'General' started by GGrass, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. How stressed are you on a 1-10 scale?


    I am at about 9 right now...

    I am so stressed because I have problems on multiple fronts.

    At work, at home, and I'm having financial problem as well.

    The only thing going for me is the GC life... at the moment, at least.

    At work, there are lots of problems piled up on my desk but there are certain things that are making it impossible to solve.

    Such as Chinese New Year... people are just not working at the moment... they're on holidays... so I have to wait at least till Monday to get things going... it's something I cannot control, and when you can't control it, you get stressed...

    And at home, things are not going well... not because I'm fighting with my wife, but my wife is just too stressed all by herself... with the kids... with the household issues...

    And the financial problem...

    I don't even know how to describe it. It's so fucking complicated, I don't even know where to start.

    Basically, my wife thinks I'm making too little money, and she wants me to ask my dad, who is my boss, to give me a raise.

    But I am not going to do that, because... well, because it's just not right.

    The company has a system on how to raise the pay for everyone, and that is by percentage. Every year, you get certain percentage raised, and that goes for everyone.

    If I were to ask my dad,

    "Hey, can you double my pay from next month?"

    What the fuck is that??

    Another thing.

    I used to have side jobs.

    Not reallly side jobs, but my personal business that I used to have, with my connections in Korea. Me and my partner in Korea, we buy and sell machineries, and we split the commission.

    But since my wife was being paranoic and bitchy about the way I did business, which sometimes included taking customers to fuck shops, I had to quit this partnership because I just couldn't work peacefully.

    Everytime my partner came over to Thailand, my wife would NOT cooperate... she would give me hell for the duration of my partner's stay in Thailand, and that obviously made him uncomfortable, to a point where we just couldn't do business together.

    And now I have no connection, no business, and no extra income. All I have left is the tiny salary I get from my dad.

    Now, my wife is stressed that we're not making enough money, and she wants to do start some business of her own, and I'm like

    Fuck that shit.

    When I was trying to provide for the family, what the fuck did you do for me?


    Well, actually it would have been better if she did nothing, but she did worse than nothing. She interfered it to a point where I had to give it up.

    It was either give it up or lose the family.


    And my wife is not happy that my dad is giving me so little money, and she thinks my dad is being stingy because he never help me financially.

    Well, honey, that's how life is. You make it through on your own, once you've become a man.

    Even fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters are NOT going to help once you declared you are on your own. Unless I go back to them and open my hands, but I am NOT going to do that.

    Tonight, we're going to have dinner at my parent's place. And my dad is eager to show off the new toy car he bought for mom. It's a Mini Cooper.

    My wife doesn't know that they got a new car... and once she finds out tonight, she's gonna be thinking something incredibley stupid and utterly annoying.


    My wife recently told me that we don't have money to pay for our children's school for next year.

    And I was thinking,

    "Woman, if you had managed the money wisely, we SHOULD have enough. But what did you do? You bought the new dolls, you bought the new furniture, you bought the new TV... hell, you were all spending and shit. And what the fuck are you telling me for? Weren't you the one who was so happy that I stopped making money because that meant I didn't have to come home late?"

    And she said to me that she was going to ask her mom (who is incredibly rich) if she could borrow some money. And I was like,

    "Whatever. I tried to provide, you didn't allow it, and now you deal with it yourself."


    The fuckkkkkk.......
  2. probably 3/10 which is good i guess, i've learned to enjoy the simple things and live a stress free life
  3. at the moment id say 0/10...lifes easy and im enjoying it

    but hey its important you get it off your chest so thanks for sharing with us because you're only helping yourself and ultimately only you can help im glad you're dealing with it though and staying true to yourself and what you believe in

    time stands still for no one but you yourself can....find some time to ease your mind and chill out,,,even if you only have 5 minutes just slow your thoughts down and listen to the silence

    and everything in life is situational so its not like we can just say your marriage was a mistake...but times like these you should try and look at her more as a friend that you're stuck with for now and try to get along and work things out accordingly

    often times people get too comfortable and so they treat each other differnetly, sometimes for the better but the problem is when its for worse

    so just try and chill and appreciate the fact that you even have a wife and kids
  4. Thanks, Pezz...

    I'm so fucking afraid of this coming evening... shit's gonna hit the fan for sure...
  5. my stress level lately has been at a 9.5

    mostly due to trouble at home and money shortage

    and lack of sex and feeling lonely

    i moved to florida from south dakota, and all my family is in iowa/south dakota and i feel very far away from all my friends and shit

    i'm kind of agoraphobic so i have a hard time making friends

    i hope that i can get over it now that my brother in law came to live in florida too

    we get along great and we're good friends, so hopefully we can get each other out of our ruts
  6. 9.5? Man... that sucks... hope your blood pressure goes down soon...
  7. 1-3, never really that stressed
  8. 7 tho I'm not gonna get into it
  9. I think people below 7 wouldn't talk about why they're 7.

    But people from 9 onwards will surely let it loose.
  10. Stress level was a 0 during christmas break. Back up at college and stress is at least like a 6. School work is just a pain and pretty challenging. The weekends and being able to blaze nearly whenever keep the stress down.
  11. I'm just not that type of person, I don't like people knowing my business unless I feel the need to tell someone which is usually family
  12. Lol embrassing as it sounds when im stressed I get cold sores..Even if I dont feel stressed my body will react to it some how..But I keep my head up high. Live my life to the fullest.
  13. Dont be afraid man thats the first step to failing it ... whether you feel like you're lying to yourself or whatever at least start with imagining the best possible outcomes of tonight

    but more important if you're expecting it to not go good then be prepared dont fear the least it seems you have time to prepare yourself if nobody else

    do what you can to make the situation better and then you shouldn't worry about any of the negativity

    of course it isnt this simple but its what i call the start to dealing with your problems...try try and try again and of course remember life goes on man

    haha we are your family friend
  14. Sounds hot... Ha.

    I'm about a 1 at the moment.
  15. I don't feel that way, sorry
  16. Best possible outcome would be...

    My wife doesn't think anything, and she doesn't think that my dad is being stingy on me while spending money on my mom.

    And my kids play and do funny things and my mom and dad laugh... and we all have good dinner...

    Yeah.. that sounds much better.
  17. hah yeah so thats a start ... just keep up with that

    if things go bad in the future deal with them in the present moment

    dont worry yourself before hand

  18. Lets jus say that this will be "one of those" threads I come back to later when my stress level
    comes down to a 10...I only got to my quote and have to leave cause jus reading here got me
    stressed...srry no pun intended..its me....i tried....

    You wouldn't know from my other posts cause i been kinda sarcastic latley..but thats jus my
    defense mechanizim......
  19. Yes holy shit I hate cold sores! I get them when I'm stressed and that of course causes further stress.I have one right now it sucks can't smoke with buddies and I have been sick so I have also missed 2 days, 4 classes at community college so I will be playing catch up so having that to look forward too Id say my stress levels are at about 8 right now because I got into a fight with my older brother and its going to be hard to rebuild our relationship... I don't even see the point with the way he constantly disrespects me. Ughh life's stressful right now so hopefully my packers will win the superbowl sunday and with that victory and drinking I should be pretty level headed lol.
  20. Currently a 1 or a 2.

    Not much is happening right now. I am starting up in school again next week at a nice new school so its a good chance for a fresh start.

    Looking forward to it. Also i get a gym membership there which is included with tuition so i can start working out again.

    Right now my life is pretty on track. I got a job, a car, new school, only thing is this time i need to choose my friends a bit more wisely.

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