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How stoned..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jakepriestley, May 26, 2009.

  1. Just asking, i am going to have a joint to myself for the very first time in a couple of days. Now, when i usually share a joint with my mates, i can usually feel the effects after a couple of rounds. How stoned do you think i will be if i have a whole joint to myself?
  2. well. wat kind of bud r u using?

    just smoke it and see..
  3. I think its Old English im smoking. Yeh, totally cant wait to smoke it, but i want to know how long it could last due to my parents coming home.
  4. you will be high for a good 2 hours... but you wont ever get uncontrollable... you will be fine. if you are worried you might smell or your eyes may be red, just take a shower... then chill in your room away from them
  5. you would be stoned.
  6. if your trippin on being too high for your parents just put it out when you're comfortably high, man:smoking:
  7. It depends if you have a tolerance or not, and eye drops should be all you need to not look obvious.
  8. Back when i was around 16 my buddy and i would go to the movie theater at night and smoke a joint each, then go see a movie.. joints get ya pretty high :smoking:
  9. Depends on your overall tolerance, you will feel it though, can't say exactly though.
  10. only one way to find on smoke it:smoking:
  11. Everyone's different. How are we supposed to know how high you'll get? A joint to yourself? You should be damn high and if you're not that really sucks.

  12. Also, Visine works wonders dude.

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