How Stanky Will They Be Outdoors

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  1. I have seen some threads about the smell issue but no definitive answers so I thought I'd start this one.
    As I've said in previous threads I'll be growing:
    1 Barney's Farm LSD Feminized
    1 Green House Seeds Super Lemon Haze Feminized
    1 Barneys Farm G13 Haze Feminized
    1 Barneys Farm Violator Kush Feminized
    1 Serious Seeds White Russian Feminized

    1 Green House Seeds Bubba Kush Feminized
    1 Green House Seeds The Church Feminized

    The seeds just arrived in the mail today and I'm in the middle of germing (I know it's late) using the method described in the Sticky named Germination 420. The plants will be next to my fence that is at the farthest distance from my neighbors house and they almost never go near the fence as it appears (i looked through the fence) that is where some of their vines grow up and their pool AND trampoline are away from it. I was just wondering will smell be a problem and is it even a problem outdoors.
    The Bob
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    i didnt know you could buy seeds on the net?

    can you buy ak-47 seeds? or mango kush?
  3. The only definitive answer you can get about MJ smell is: it depends. That's why you can't get a definitive answer.

    As we keep hearing the executives at BP Oil say about the Gulf cleanup, "plan for the worst and hope for the best." MJ odor can travel a good 100 yards with wind. Will your plants? Nobody knows. But plan as if they will, because if in fact they will you will be in a tight spot with some nice plants but neighbors getting a noseful.
  4. Hello everybody , ive just joined and thought this a good section to start.Ive not had much success at all growing outdoors or yeah,im in desperate need of help.
    One thing i did notice though with growing outdoors was even near the plant i couldnt smell it,once id pulled it and brought it indoors though is when it really began to emanate a strong smell.
    Oddly my 2 plants only formed one "bud" if i could call it that , the best description being it looked like a giant corndog.The "bud" wasnt tight or well formed so im obviously not doing it right or had poor quality seeds , probably both.
    It certainly smoked well,sadly so very little of it.
  5. so does anyone have any suggestions for hiding the smell of a plant outdoors other than growing them somewhere else? The only area where the plant can grow around here is right next to an area where a bunch of Hobo's live and right next to a jogging trail with the grow spot in plain sight.

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