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How stank is your bud?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by NYC red eyes, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. I'm in kind of a dilemma. I got this sorta new dealer and the bud i get from him causes some problems for me and my girl. We live in a basement apartment where our landlord lives with his family upstairs. Recently I copped three dubs off him and brought them back to my place where they were in my pocket. We rolled a blunt and then went out to smoke it.

    A few minutes later we got a call from the landlord asking if anyone smoked in the house. We told him no we don't do that anymore (he told us not to). He said that there was a cop at the neighbor's place cuz he'd made a complaint about the smell of weed. WTF?

    I had no idea three grams of bud could smell so bad it could stink up the house and the neighbor's place.

    I'm a well seasoned toker, but i never had this problem before. Now anytime we have a dub we have to keep it under the mattress to trap the smell and rush out of the house as soon as we take it out to smoke. Is this common with anyone else copping serious herb?

    Keep toking. :smoking:
  2. move the fuck out, ive lived once with the landlords living above me, it fucking sucks.
  3. that or keep your shit in something airtight like a mason jar or sumn and only take it out take let air in and get some to smoke.
  4. Dude. You smoked a blunt. They smelled the blunt, not the weed lmao.

    Smoke a blunt anywhere and you have a good 100 foot diameter of skunk smoke stank. And if you have a neighbors house down wind of you, and they're out cooking steaks... they'd smell it for sure.

  5. nah man we smoked the blunt out on the streets. not even near the house. it was definitely the bud that caused the house to smell.

  6. Your neighbor smelled weed. Your 3 grams of weed will not stink so bad that someone in the next house will smell it, let alone someone in the next room.

    They smelled the blunt burning
  7. My bud is pretty stank as well. Im used to smoking in a friends room and then we use spray sooo..
  8. ima be heading up to the city this thursday. drop me a line and we can compare buds. my best friend has her hands on some dank stuff. she's been smoking since she was 12 and it only takes a bowl of this stuff to get her high. what part you from, bro?
  9. wait wait wait... your sayin you only got 3 grams for 3 dubs?
  10. #10 NYC red eyes, Jun 2, 2009
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    man let me tell you...they called before we even sparked the blunt...we were 4 blocks away before we even lit it...i'm telling you it was the weed itself that smelled up the place

    I'm in Queens man

    haha yeah i don't know what dubs are like out in cali, but around here it's $20 for a gram of dank
  11. #11 dwaine, Jun 2, 2009
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    get a mason jar. whenever i have cheese, i will open my jar for like 5 seconds and my room will stink for a good 30 mins.
  12. No dub of weed smells that strong man....definately going to have to tell you the truth....It WAS the blunt, use your common sense son.
  13. no way they smelled 3 dubs

    just not possible

    also if ur buying 3 dubs which is 60$ why not just buy an eighth?
  14. It was 3 dubs for $50.

    Guys...I'm not prone to lying nor exaggeration. I never post unless I have something to say and I tell it like it is. Judging by the sheer fact you don't believe me tells me that i'm copping some serious shit. Kinda makes me feel proud.

    But shit! some of you guys Cali, BC, Amsterdam for I to believe that there is NO ONE else getting weed that smells this strong?? I know i'm not copping the best bud in the country, let alone the world.

    Wutever man. Believe me, don't believe me...either way I'm smoking it and life is good. :smoking:

    Stay chill guys.
  15. Well one time at school one of my friends picked up a half zip of some AK-47 and put it in his jacket. When He got back to his room, he took off his jacket and hung it up in hit closet. HE then proceeded to go take a shower, he locked himself out of his room and called public safety to let him in. They came smelt the weed from outside his room, went right to his jacket and cited him on the spot. I got back an hour later and my room ajoined to his, and my room smelled like dank.

    Although he had it in a baggy, not a ziploc, and he had a lot more weed than you. It was super dank, but it was also a small dorm room. I would say they most likely smelled your blunt burning, or the smoke from the blunt burning scented you enough that when you returned to your place, YOU still stank like kind bud.

  16. would be plausable except for the fact that:

    1. We never even lit the blunt when we got the call that the house smelled like weed. The weed was just sitting on the table and we were walking to go toke up.

    2. When we did light the blunt, after the phone call, we were thousands of feet away from the house. I doubt they smelled the burning blunt from that far away.

    3. The phone call came before we lit the blunt and before we returned to the house. There was nothing that they smelled but the weed just sitting there doing nothing.
  17. If it wasn't your blunt it was someone else smoking outdoors. I KNOW It wasn't the smell of 3 grams leaking through your house into anothers, thats just not true. So be quiet and stop feeling proud, then I will stop being a dick ;).

  18. Nope. I won't be quiet, I will feel as proud as I want and it's your god given right to be as much a dick as you want. Doesn't phase me whether some dude from god knows where believes me or not. You don't know cuz you weren't there.

  19. See, the series of events, play by play, helps the situation much more. Is it plausible that there was someone else smoking near your home and that your landlord had smelled that and assumed that it was you? Did your landlord also have any proof that you were smoking in the past or was it always just the smell? I would say that the smell, if any, came from combusting cannabis not just some bud sitting in your house.

  20. thanks man. Yeah this is New York, people smoke everywhere. definitely could have been someone else. My landlord knows we smoke, we've told him and have gotten in trouble in the past for smoking inside which is why we always smoke outside now.
    We have left dubs out in the apartment without smoking and come back to have our entire apartment smelling. The dubs themselves smelling the place up is just as plausable based on my own experiences with this herb.

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