How soon till harvest

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by mattlindon1996, Jul 19, 2017.

  1. I'll let the pros decide IMG_2374.JPG IMG_2375.JPG

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  2. How long has she been in flower?

    Judging from the pictures alone I'd say maybe 3 weeks
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  3. It's been 4 and 3 days in suppose to be a 6 week flowering plant I was going to leave it till the 31st but your saying on like the 7 of August

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  4. Yeah it definitely needs to fatten up still.

    I wouldn't focus on the weeks so much. If you get a cheap jeweler's loupe you can inspect the trichomes up close. That's how you'll tell if it's truly ready.
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  5. Not a pro for sure, but when I zoomed in on your picture, I think I see a few amber trichs! It maybe the lighting, but if they are amber..harvest is not far away..)maybe less than a week, depending on strain, environment, etc)
    You need a Loupe, Telephoto/macro lens, or a cheapo smart camera microscope (under $15 at Amazon)..Then, decide what high you are after..Note: drying and curing provides at least 50% of your bud's quality.
    See this:
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  6. Lights just turned off they are on 17 on 7 off [​IMG] I have 2 in there

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  7. Once all your hairs brown out and shrink/recede start checking the trichromes, your buds still need to swell/plump your looking at weeks

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