How soon this will turn to bud?

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  1. How soon this flower will turn to bud? This are almost 4 weeks flowering.

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  2. prob not any time soon. Are you 4 weeks into flowering or 4 weeks into changing the lights. Flowering is usually once it starts to show sex. It doesn't look like its been flowering to long so i would say a few more weeks
  3. I don't know how are the counting weeks/days actually. So i just count mine with both method,from the days i start the 12/12 and the day it show sex. This start 12/12 on 23/11/09 and thats make 26 days now almost 4 weeks. Its show it sex on 5/12/09 13 day from the day i start the 12/12 light,like you said it not much of flowering thats what's worries me,but no so worry:D
    If you say count it from the day it show sex,then i just only 2 weeks into flowering right?
  4. from what i have read from the OG's thats how most do it and two weeks into flowering looks about right for what you have.

    Just wondering why are you waiting for a time for it to turn into bud? Usually you flower a reg old MJ for 2 months if its an auto it only grows for 2 weeks.
  5. prolly another 2-3 weeks before it actually starts lookin like somethin. check out the first grow in my sig if ya want got good progress pics from when first pre flowers show all the way till harvest. might give ya a better idea.
  6. Thanks. Actually i'm to exited to see it turn into bud,since this are my first grow,maybe you'll understand how that's feeling are:D Hope to smoke em soon.
  7. I've done dig up up your frow journal bro,that's a nice LSD form barney ya. Sweet man. Mine are SLH from GHSC,hope it end up well just like yours. I have try grow hydroponicly but noting suit me well so this grow i just used soil,and it stay well manage then the hydro for me. Its hard for me to get hydro system/nutrient for it here in my place,just have to buy it online/oversea it take time. Maybe next year after harvest this SLH i'll change mine to hydro.

    I've read a lots of guide and tip for growing,but the way counting for flowering are very confusing,some say from the day 12/12 and some say from the day pistil show up. That's why i just count them both way,and gonna use microscope to tell when to harvest:) What will be you next year grow? Stick to barney? I heard that their vanilla kush are now in stock,sweet:smoke:
  8. hey buddy my next grow is already in progress its the second one in my sig. i count my days for flowering when i see the first cluster of pistils after light change. but it doesnt hurt to keep track of both. gl with youjr grow man come check mine out if ya like. peace

  9. yeah man mines growing too im just itching to see them. I was asking because i was wondering if you were waiting for the first bud to chop it down haha People have done some crazy stuff because of lack of patience haha
  10. I can wait to chop her down man:D

    This are my first grow,i've done a lot to maintain it grow,now i have 2 plant into flowering. 10 auto plant that are in veg for a weeks also.
    2 white widow,1 from seedsman and 1 got them free from dinafem,both look different from other even they are widow,that confused me abit about them.
    another 2 more non auto plant also in early veg stage,1lemon skunk by dna and 1 power kush by dinafem.
    cut 10 from SLH and Moby dick to clone but only 7 that survive. Hope can clone more from that other plant next year. If all of them are in flowering mybe my grow space are not enough to support it.

    Its maybe to much for first grow,and hard to look after them all alone,i cannot tell anyone about it,not even my friend know that i am growing,with a bit of hard work and care i think i've done it well.

    I just don't want to make mistake/crazy thing as you said,so i forced my self to be more patience. I make mistake on other plant before this,and i'm not afraid to fail,they die because overwatering,to much fert/nut,to much heat and lot of mistake i can't figure out what,and all of that gave me experiences. And now my growing set up works well,CFL for veg and HPS for flowering.

    Next year i'll start my journal.

    So you have harvest this SLH before right? How does she taste?

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