How soon could I start feeding?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Apu42, May 2, 2011.

  1. Im sure its already been discussed but I cant find it! How soon can you start feeding your plants nutrients? Would 1 week old sprouts be too young? What if you dilluted the solution a bit? Thanks so much GC people :)
  2. you have to dilute it anyway, you cant just dump nutes into it.

    it all depends on what you are trying to feed it ... ive fed my plants foxfarms bigbloom sense day 1, but i didnt start grow big till week 3.
  3. i wait a week and a half sometimes 2 weeks if i am using Fox Farms Soil...but if you are growing in lets say coco you would need to feed almost right away.

    more details are needed and you should check other members grow journals.
  4. No need to feed until about 2 weeks in. Many growers watch the cotyledons (the first set of rounded starter leaves) and start feeding when those wilt and die.

    When you do feed start by mixing your ferts at 1/4 strength from the directions, then slowly build up from there with subsequent feedings. But you probably will never need to get to full strength, less is more.
  5. Oops. Yeah Im just using regular potting soil without food in it. Its got little fratments of wood mixed in with it (came that way). Theyre about 5 and 6 days old from sprout. Ive given them nothing but water so far. They have the rounded leaves still which are approx. a half an inch long and the next set of leaves which are about the same size. Also when I asked if I should just dillute it I meant moreso than is directed :) I bought All Purpose Miracle Grow but after reading lots of GC posts Im going to switch it out for something au naturale instead.
  6. Oh yeah and I do read other peoples journals though sometimes you just wanna read the journal which gets 'lost' in the thread cuz so many people post in them. But I do read em:)

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