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How smelly are vapes?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Buck Strickland, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. When you use a vape, How smelly is it to people who dont smoke marijuana? Only a little, or obvious enough?
  2. they will be able to tell that something is going on, kinda smells like burnt popcorn, i find that you get a hint of weed, but i think it is mostly from having it out and grinding it up and shit
  3. Burnt Weed.
  4. Make popcor while your vaping a bowl or 2, it should help cover up the smell and then spray a little Lysol i find the country smell one helps the most
  5. Burning. Although people I know have said the high is all in the head.
  6. I just got a vape for my dorm room. One of my roommates only smokes very rarely, but he's cool with us smoking. We didn't tell him about the vape and one day we were using it and he walked into the room. We asked him if he smelt anything and he said he couldn't. We did use a sploof for safety, but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be too bad even without one.

    You do have to watch out though. If you have a cheap vape like me that doesn't work too well, occasionally some bud might start to actually burn and produce actual thick smoke. You have to be careful with that since that might actually have a noticeable smell.

    Honestly, when I vape, I feel like more of the smell is just from having my stash out on my desk as opposed to the vapor.
  7. I prefer to stick to traditional papers, bongs or blunts myself.
  8. If you do it right, the smell won't be pungent enough to cause suspicion.
  9. I'm getting an NO2 by vapir tomorrow and im wondering if that shit smells.

  10. Keep No 2 Vapir in a bag when not being used, use a sploof, and your fine. I used to have one. Loved it so much, getting another one ASAP.

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