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How small of a container can I flower these ladies in?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by poppybgood, Oct 31, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, I've got 4 girls that I'm getting ready to transplant into their final pots and put under a 400 for flowering. I want to keep them as bonsai as possible, and this is my 1st time doing LST and midget plant growing. Right now they are in 1qt. tupperware containers and look like they could go another week before they are rootbound as hell. I intend to do a perpetual grow from seed through the winter for a hobby and I'm not really concerned about huge yields, as I'm sittin on a couple of lbs from my outdoor grow this year and still have stash from the last 2 years LOL!! But I do want to get a decent bit. These are SS chronic. I'm gonna do another strain in the grow box to have ready for the flower chamber soon, and finish out the winter with some landrace sativa for a 12/12 from seed.

    Here's the chronics. Do you think a 1 gallon pot would hold them through flowering?
  2. I never can get the pics in my original post.

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  3. Bump. Any recommendations? It's been a minute since I've done an indoor grow, and I always used 4 gal. containers under 1000 watt lights. To keep these small enough for a 400, do you think I should go with a 1 gal, or perhaps a 2?
  4. Based on the 3oz contest that was held recently, I assume you can bud them in almost any sized pot.
  5. I know you can bud them in small containers, but I'm trying to figure out what size would be the best for 4 plants under a 400 watt HID. I'm gonna try to compact the light into a 2x2 area. I've never tried to flower in that small of a space or with that small of a light.
  6. You could get away with a gallon container for each plant if you flip them soon, but I'd suggest using 3 gallons each if you have the space.
  7. Thanks Badkitty, I have the space and the lights, just no cashflow to run them. That's why I'm going bonsai LOL!! I've even been using a sunny windowsill for part of the day while I'm vegging to cut costs. I may add another 175watter to the flowering chamber if I need it, but I' hoping the 400 will be enough. The big thing is I don't wanna get to week 3 of flowering and have the plants rootbound to hell. I used to do clones in 1 gallon pots, but they were put in flowering as soon as they rooted. I'm just getting a visual of these seed-grown girls blasting roots so fast they'll end up filling the pots in a couple of weeks.

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