How should you hang 2 LED's?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by boxfruit, Jun 21, 2019.

  1. flat
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  2. i'd level them out.
  3. Thanks, can yous explain why please?
  4. is the floor sloped or is it flat?
  5. Flat
  6. My thinking behind it was all the plants would get even spectrum mix and par
  7. Either way they will still mix up if they are next to each other. Whatever floats your boat lol!

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  8. Yeah having them flat feels right lol
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  9. I would believe this set up is more efficient if you can first map your lights footprints. I was going to make my strip light in a similar fashion, but didn’t have the equipment to get a good bend, so I passed.

    My thinking is that every light has a footprint. That footprint can be anywhere from 120* to 60* depending on your light. The losses associated with footprint placement is mostly due to reflection. You lose light when it misses your plant and has to reflect X number of times to finally hit it. If you can map your footprint for each light, you can place your light so that output is optimized for the SYSTEM of lights. They must work as a team, and leaves don’t lie on a plane like our lights. They are 3D beings.

    I think someone with a few extra lights, a tent, and a lux meter could do some trials and map lux levels. I may get to it one day, but kinda busy ATM. It would be interesting to see exactly how the lights overlap given a specific footprint, and how much, if any, benefit is received from angling of the lights. SxS grow with flat blurples vs optimized blurples would be an awesome YouTube journal.
  10. It depends, you want to focus the output, or spread it out?

    A slight tilt, less than what you have would be okay, but in your space, just have them level
  11. Hey! Great set up. We suggest leveling the LEDs so they are flat. Mostly due to ensure the plants receive an even spectrum. Nice plants though... keep us posted on your grow op! :)

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