How should you ask a dealer?

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    Hey, okay so I'm kind of confused on what I should do. So I recently got a new dealer and the first time I texted him I asked for an eighth, and after that I didn't ask for a while as I was busy with school and stuff.
    Now the answer I want to know is that when contacting your dealer, should you say "I got 20$" or ask how much a gram is first? I think dubs here are less than 1 gram. So what I'm getting at is, should I say the amount of money I have or tell him how much I need, and ask for the price?
    should I be like "I got 20$, how much will that get me?"
    or "I need 2 grams, how much?"
  2. I generally just ask how much he usually asks per g.
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  3. I don't exactly know how to properly respond here, as I see it, if it's someone trustworthy, they'd be straightforward with what they charge per gram, and it wouldn't really matter how you went asking about it. However, I've met and dealt with some shady cats within the weed realm who if you just blindly advertised you had $20 without defining what his/her price scale is, would short you to suit their needs. Some sketch motherfuckers I've come across, you could have three fucking people get a $20 of herb, and all three would come out different sizes.

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  4. It's been awhile since I've done this song and dance, but I usually would ask if my connect was even on deck at the time.

    It let's him know what's up without saying "sell me drugz d00d"

    Then, you can go from there. Ask how much an 1/8th will be and work backwards.

    Good luck.

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  5. Wanna get some tacos?

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  6. banhammer this robotripper.
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  7. "looking for smoke, how much you gunna charge me for 2g?"
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  8. are you dry?
  9. Depends is he a bitch ? If just ask for what you want and say a price

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  10. Just be like "I need a dub"
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  11. Well when I first met my dude I asked the price now I see him weekly basis and just
    Ask "can you do and ##"
    He says yes or no and everything's planned ahead of time unless a change is made

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  12. Defiantly ask but im from Minnesota too and lot of ppl do 20 a gram here. Honestly i think buying by the gram is a rip off. First see how much he does a h8 for than an eighth. Typically i see 30/60 for okay bud here but ive been friends with my buddy for a decade now and he gave me an eighth of gorilla glue for 50 the other day. Honestly i would stick away from texting if hes new for you. In MN we have to be a lil extra careful, coming from someone whos around the block lol. In less he said to text him, i would go against it n just call him or wait for work to ask. This is the gorilla glue i jus grabbed tho...[​IMG]
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  13. Just please keep you penis in your pants when talking to the dealer. It can make things awkward.

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  14. fellow Minnesotan here, 50 an eighth 20 a gram? holy FUCK man, you're getting robbed!!!!!!!!


    OP, probably little late for the advice, but I'd always just ask "you got me on 2 for 20?" first time buying from somebody, it asserts that you know what fair market pricing is and opens you up to cheaper prices further down the road with that new person. In this day and age, Marijuana is most definitely a buyer's market in most places in the USA because it's so readily available. People need customers more than your Average Joe Toker needs a hookup, as opposed to some of the rare "unmentionables" that could theoretically go for astronomical prices to the right person. Best of luck bud.

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  15. A quarter is seven grams and so I normally get a half and measure that shit, my dealer is cool right now and I normally get a whole extra gram if I buy a half an ounce. So ask what a half cost and do the math and never do anything without a scale. If its less tell them to go to hell and don't deal with them again.
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  16. Gladly down to change my people But thats the best i can find for that quality here, any ideas lol im sick of paying crap prices
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    I overlooked the fact that you might be further out in the state. I live in the cities so it's of course easier to find, with better prices here.

    A friend of mine down in Winona said that the quality is noticeably worse and the prices significantly higher down there.. I suppose theoretically it would make sense if the only suppliers in small, far-out communities around the state get their supply from the cities... transporting it, taking the risk of driving that far. as well as a monopoly type aspect, if only a small group of people run the market there... anyways she just avoids all that by stocking up when she comes to the cities! lol.

    So, that might be your best bet if you don't live close to the metro area.. otherwise if you do, just keep your ears and eyes open around town! Get out and be active around the city, you'll surely connect with someone before long!

    edit: or just grow your own man, that's the best bet really. How did I not remember that when I was typing before..?I can't wait until the day I'm able to start growing, just need the right place to do it! Even an apartment-contained grow could supply a person with a big stash from one yield, I think..

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  18. Tell hin you need a large amount of bud then tell him you are not a cop to calm him down

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