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How should someone smoke for the first time...?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by swmr, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. FIRST: Sorry if this is the wrong section. I am an experienced toker. The man in question used to be an experienced toker, but has not been high in more than 20 years. I am looking for some "vast knowledge of the herb" haha, and just some ideas and advice in general.

    SECOND: Like I said, this man has not smoked in more than 20 years, but he used to smoke everyday of his life and is entrusting me with the job of making sure he gets high again. For this reason, I am thinking of him as a new smoker.

    What would be an easy/effective way to smoke him up a few times? I am worried about a number of things like if/how much he is going to cough after his hit, if he is going to feel sick and nauseated, if he is going to enjoy the high after so long. Has anyone else taken a 20+ year T break?

    I currently live in PA. In March I am flying to ATL for a wedding, and then flying with this man to CT, where I will have the chance to get him high. Becuase of all these flights (some with connections) I do NOT want to fly with bud or any paraphanalia, even glass that has never been used. Would you recomend rolling a few joints (in my opinion, a waste of bud if only two people are hitting it) or should I work on finding a deal on some new glass once I am in CT? I am thinking a bong with be the smoothest and easiest for his lungs, but also complicated to use for the first time, and quite expensive. So, what should I use to help get him high?

    I think a vape could be my best option, but I am not financially ready to spend that much money on something that isn't going to be straight tube with a perc.

    So blades, post away with opinions, ideas, critisisms, questions, or anything else to stimulate this discussion and give me some solid ideas.

    Sorry if this double (or triple?) posts. Website is being weird...
  2. a joint. then another joint. then another.

    your post is beautiful, nothing triple about it.

    btw, ive always wondered exactly what 'blade' means? whats the deal?
  3. blade, as in blade of grass, as in grasscity
  4. i second that. joints. many joints. cross joints. does he smoke cigs? dutch joints then!
  5. hmmmm edibles works pretty good, thats how i got my mom high for the first time after not smoking for 18 years, and she was rippppped haha
    and a joint is a pretty good idea also
  6. idk roll it up and let him hit that joint :smoking:... ..
  7. I'd recommend a joint for a first timer, after that I'd say a spoon. Bongs should wait until they can handle it.
  8. Depends on the weed i think. If its mids or something just do a J or blunt. If its dank buy a 10 to 20 dollar bowl. Cooking with it is a great idea and you could also do a gravity bong out of a jug or w/e. GL with everything! :wave:
  9. I would recommend against a blunt. Let them experience pure cannabis without tobacco first. Then if they want to add nicotine to the mix that's up to them.
  10. Thanks so far everyone. I was worried about double or triple posts or more because the submit thread website never loaded, and I refreshed a few times....then realized it could have been bad.

    Seems like joints sound like a good idea. We will likely be outside or in a car, not in a house. Some were asking if he smokes cigarettes, and the answer to that is no. He does work in a casino, so he is around cigarettes and all the shit smoke frequently.

    I have not asked him what he wants to smoke yet, so he might even have a request.

    As far as the bud. I already told him that if I can't pick up headies, than he is going to have to wait until I do. He agreed that he only wants to smoke the absolute highest quality I can get at the time. Lately from my guy in CT, I have had sour kush and blueberry diesel, both from Yonkers.

    I forgot to include that back in the day he used to carve his own pipes out of wood and soapstone. So it isn't like a bowl might be too intimidating for him, but I do think his throat and lungs might not be able to handle it.
  11. Just have him smoke joints of fine quality marijuana and everything should be fine.

    Don't forget water for cottonmouth and some food. Nothing complicated really.
  12. yeah, if you are worried he might be coughing, don't let him up on a piece--he'll be blowing it out the other side, or soaking it if its a bong... nothing worse than having a guy blow bongwater all over your floor.
  13. Damn dude do it the way I did it. I'll never forget the first time I smoked I got high as FUCKKKK. We basically had a half for 6 ppl in one night... Over 6 hours we consumed endless packs of bongs, bowls, and rolled a few blunts.. it was insane. I was laying on a floor at the end of the night and my hands were twitching, I was laughing at everything and happy as fuck lol.

    Then I smoked a fat blunt as soon as I woke up and we got breakfast 10 mins after. It was amazing.

    My suggestion is just smoke and dont stop. I understood how to inhale and shit right away, but some ppl are mad dumb with it and dont do shit right, so teach em how to inhale.
  14. 1 gallon gravity bong. Some dank.
  15. Just roll a joint or 2, if you think it's not good for just 2 people you don't have to smoke it all. Easy transport, no additional paraphernalia, easy for you to eat if you have to(cops, etc.) It is the least complicated only next to some brownies or other confection, but much less difficult to prepare. Plus eating a MJ-laiden brownie and smoking it, no matter what the form, are two different experiences. To the guy who mentioned the gravity bong, I think only children do that. Good luck and have fun.
  16. alright, here's what i would do

    get about a gram of weed, grind it up to dust

    put all that weed dust in a grape swisher, and roll a fatty blunt

    and then tell me he's not high
  17. im sayin roll up a nice fat L or jay. first time i smoked was a bottle wit a pen in it and aluminum foil on top for a bowl. worked liek a charm. t'was very very stoned.
  18. You know what's weird that I just thought about

    I've witnessed 5 first times including me. The "You don't get high the first time" has applied to two of my friends. The other two AND me got righteous high the first time.

    I don't know if its a coincidence, but those two that got high and me used a vaporizer the first time we tried weed, and the 2 that didnt get high smoked from a pipe.
  19. Ok blunts are out. Bongs are out because it might be too much for him. I'll start with some joints and if he wants to smoke out of some glass then I'll start looking for a nice pipe or maybe a bubbler that I like.

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