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  1. I've recently started smoking again after I quit when I was on probation I started because I deal with extreme insomnia that keeps me up for days in 17 have a full time job and completed my ged at college level but the point of this post is my step dad knows and doesn't mind I smoke since I am still leading a good life and he understands I just need something to help with the stress the problem is my mother doesn't want me doing it I need ways to bring this up and convince her its not wrong its kind of hypocritical for her to say no since she's prescribed vicodin which is definitely more dangerous then the ganja any help is welcome than you
  2. Try relating it to her own experience. Your ganja is her Vicodin, only a lot safer and healthier. The key is to be respectful and open-minded. Do not change your voice in anger or contempt, do not change your mind in confusion or bewilderment. You must be firm yet kind. Easier said than done, I know, but by bringing the conversation to her you receive the benefit of dictating the tone of said conversation. That is to say, you speak genuinely and kindly no matter how she may choose to respond.
    Good luck!
  3. Thank you I'm going to try tommorow after I get off work
  4. Well... First of all. You have to be 18 to participate in the forum...
    And I wouldn't consider a GED even slight of an accomplishment of successful, Basically a high school dropout...
    You shouldn't compare prescription pain medication to illicit substance... At that point it's another level.
    You can't really do anything. If you want to live under her roof, respect her decisions...
    Even if you don't like it. You can still be discreet... Usually it has nothing to do with the activity.
    Simply their mindset.
  5. Well she said ok since I'm not over doing it also she also deals with extream migraines so she understands how I feel.thank you verts
  6. Love it lol

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  7. Need to 18+ to use these forums.

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