How should i water

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  1. how should i water my plant mist or what ..

    a Few Suggestions would be help full
  2. well mine are outside, but the soil needs to be damp, so i wouldnt think misting is any good

    i have mine in like 3 litre bottles with about 5-6 holes poked in the bottom and i just pour a good amount of water in until its dripping out the holes and it drains excess immediatly and stays moist a few days
  3. i NEVER foliar feed, i think it promotes mold, burn spots where drops magnify n burn leaves, and it makes my mylar not so effective..he he he ...
    how i water is this ... i pretty much flush tho whole grow... yeah water til the bucket or whatever drains out the bottom and pick it up a few times a week n when it gets real light its time to water again...
    :confused_2: different strokes for different folks though. i say do it however you want, maybe next batch switch up n try sonthin different n see if it was effective as the last way...
  4. with a watering can but preferably with a sprinkler on the end and not just a straight flow as i have heard that can shock the roots i have also hears some people mist there plants to build the strength of the stem :S sont know weather it is true or not but when i get my grow going i am going to try it :D
  5. I like to foliar feed in the veg stage. when i do i turn the lights off and let them sit so i dont have to worry about the burn spots or the light bounceing off the water spots.Put your finger in your soil if it feels dry give it water 2-3 days or buy a water gauge $7 will tell you when you soil is dry or moist
  6. Most of this info is correct but could still lead you astray. The soil should need to be watered whether you spray the leaves or not. Personally I mist the leaves sometimes of very young seedlings but then allow the roots do what they were designed to do.

    When you water the soil don't dump it in and disturb the soil as others have said. Water thoroughly until the soil is saturated, which you will know by water trickling out of the bottom drainage holes of your pot. Do not water again at all until the soil is dry -- don't go by number of days. You can stick your finger into the soil up to the 2nd knuckle or so to test. Even when it's getting dry let it go another day.

    Probably the biggest newbie mistake is watering too frequently. If the soil stays moist all the time two things can happen: root rot and stunted root growth. The root base needs to dry out so it won't get soggy, and when it gets dry that promotes root growth as the roots go out in search of water.

    If you do spray the leaves do so right around lights out because droplets on the leaves can act like little magnifying glasses and burn your plant. Don't spray at all during flower stage as the buds can retain water and encourage mold.
  7. thanx ... my old plants that died ...i dont ever mistake possible ... i watered them with a mist bottle every day 2 a day lol and i was also flooding them out and the roots of 11 plants roted and died dang near in front of my eyes ...i almost cried ......but know i got the grow room sett up and my grow should be awsome as soon as my plants sprout ....

    i figure i will do just like the one above says ... he sounds like he knows what crackin

    thanx again for the awsome replies

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