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How should I use my hydroton

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by Dibiticus+)763, Jul 8, 2009.

  1. I have a 70L grow bed now I dont think I have enough money to buy enough hydroton to fill it, but if it's best I will. My question is can I or should I use individual containers within the bed or should I just fill the entire tray with it, oh and the tray is nearly 7 inches tall and its a sterilite tub long and narrow best fit for my grow area but I dont think it would be able to support the wait of all the hydroton but if I did what would be the best nutrient depth or even with containers within the tray what would be the best nutrient depth, not sure how to figure that out help would be appreciated
  2. naw. those underbed containers don't hold shit for weight... "plywood and saw horses" is the answer I used till I made new EnF trays....

    I toyed with the idea of just filling my EnFs with hydroton ..but ended up using 1 gallon pots.. I use a lot less hydroton this way, if your hurting on money....

    lately I have been thinking of laying down an inch or 2 or hydroton and setting my pots on that to allow a more sturdy root mass under the pots and to help support the plants as they mature in budding... was having a few fall over ( poor me :rolleyes:)

    hope some of this helps .

    P.S. old EnF trays held: 12, 1 gallon pots. and the new ones are half that ...but WAY more sturdy..and fit under my light better.

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