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How should I transport freshly harvested cannabis?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by Jimwoo1705, Sep 14, 2018.

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    Hi guys, so my plants are a couple of weeks away from harvest time but my drying/curing site is a two hour drive from the grow site. What are your opinions on how I should transport it? I live in the UK
    I have about 10 plants to cut down and move. Any ideas on how to not make my car reek? I’m worried the smell will seep out on the road and other drivers/police will notice. The plants will smell really strong as they will have only just been cut down.
    Also do you think I should manicure the branches before moving them to the dry site, or trim them before?
  2. I have a remote dry house too. I usually cut and stuff in a large garbage bag. Tie shut and throw in the SUV. It will reek no matter what. I picked up a ona gel odor eliminater and about an hour in the car and the smell is gone.

    What ever you do, have the windows down with air flow. The first time around I had the windows up and that shit turned into a hot box... with contact high included lol.

    Best of luck
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  3. That alone is a hot topic. Some trim off all the leaves before drying and others say not to (if that's what you're referring too).

    As far as transporting, the only way you're gonna get busted is if the cops stop you and smell it. Even if you were to stop at a stop light next to a car, just leave your windows up. It's not like the smell is going to seep out the car and and everyone following you is going to smell it.

    Of course there are things you could do short term. Like vacuum pack it or invest in smell proof bags or containers. That alone would minimize/eliminate smell. Just don't let any ONA or fabric freshener near your weed.

    If it's like a kilo or more, you might want to like fill about 4-5 garbage bags full of old clothes and have the weed stuffed in one between the clothes. Say you're on the way to donate them. You could also make up a very flat package and duct tape it under your car. There are a ton of places on, in, under a vehicle.

    Take a shit and put it in a bag on floor next to you. If a cop pulls you over, say your stomach is upset and you just shat yourself. He'll be disgusted and be on his way (I actually know someone that did that)

    Whatever you do, make sure your vehicle is in good order and obey traffic laws. If you have long hair, tuck it up under a hat. Make sure your eyes are super white (buy some "clear-eyes" (it's better then visene)

    Scrape off the "legalize it!" Bumper sticker.

    Take a woman with you or your old aunt or grandma. Take a child or baby if you have one laying around (you can say the kid is sick and shit her pants) Don't have a bunch of long haired degenerate stoners with you. Take a dog or three with you. BTW, if the cops have a dog.... You're fucked

    If a cop does stop you, try not to act nervous (LOL)

    Good luck!

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  4. ya all those episodes of live pd on A&E. so many people get their lives fucked up because of a simple $1.50 light bulb.

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