How should i start my babies?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Jamo16, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. Im doing my first ever grow this season gorilla style and I was wondering should I germinate then start in solo cups outside on the deck or just put the seeds in the soil at my site. I still live with my parents so starting them at home would be more of a hassle and then transplanting also stresses the plants. I live in Iowa so some of the best soil around so im more leading toward just popping those babies in the ground and praying! Any thoughts/ opinions? Any help is greatly appreciated!!
  2. if your going to go into the ground directly, make sure your past your last frost .... they could kill your babies quick.

    There are lots of advantages to having it in containers, rather than the ground. If you have a choice I'de suggest goign to a solo cup, then transplantign to a bigger contianer later on.

    My biggest issue with planting directly into the ground is it cannot be moved.
  3. Well the gorilla suit is gonna set you back about $300 for a decent one with thick fur. I would suggest doing a guerrilla grow though because it does not require a gorilla suit to do it.

    You gotta pick a great spot for it, some place where it will get 12+ hours of direct sunlight during july/august but also have enough bushes around it so that hikers can't see it easily. I suggest using your smartphone for gps coordinates so you know exactly where it is allowing you to hide it even better.

    Potting in the wild is ok, but it will limit your growth. The whole point of outdoor grows IMHO is to take advantage of the limitless soil/earth at your feet. Find a really well hidden yet well lit area and just hope for the best. you don't want to have to come back routinely to check on it, that's how you get caught. you gotta be careful, local cops if they find it will stake it out, they aren't stupid and know when it will be ready to harvest at which point they'll most likely have someone waiting for you to arrest you. just be careful man. private land is the best place to do it on. if you got a friend...

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