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How should I sneak in urine for drug test?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by skokiaan, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. Okay so here's the deal. I've been smoking for 2 years straight (every day. basically every moment that I'm not in class or work.) Anyways, I had a job interview today and the lady said that I have the job, but it's only official after I take a drug test in 2 days. Ugh. This is the first job I've had to take a drug test for and I didn't expect to with this job (front desk lady). Anyways, I have a female friend who has agreed to pee in a cup or whatever she needs to pee in in order for me to pass this drug test. She said that I can swing by her house right before I go take the test so the urine should still be warm then, right? How should I do this exactly? I need this to go flawlessly, of course. So I would really appreciate your input.

    Thanks for your help. :smoke:
  2. Put it in your vagina if you have one.

    But seriously, I don't think they are going to search you before the drug test so you can carry it in a pocket or something. It will get cold if you don't keep it next to your private parts.
  3. Personally, I would heat the urine in a microwave (hopefully the container is microwavable) to an extent that is it fairly hot. Then by the time you submit it, it should be warm.
  4. just put it in a little jar and put it in your pocket i doubt they will search you before you take a drug test for a job
  5. Buy one of those heat packs (icy-hot?) and wrap it in there, then stuff it between your legs/breast and you're good to go!
  6. if you have your friend piss for you you might wanna get like an empty squirt bottle or something and a heating strip for it because they test for temps below 90 so use a heating strip and it will stay warm. or you could just go to your local smoke shop and buy fake stuff they usealy come with a heating pad and tempature strip they are ususaly about 20 bucks and you will usualy pass every time. and to hide it wear work boots. or high heels if your a chick and hide it in your boot, make sure you use long socks. and after this go to your test and take it and have a job.
  7. Take an unlubricated condom, tie the top so it doesn't spill and then either tape it under your armpit, in between your ass cheeks or next to to your junk.

    Has always worked for me in the past.
  8. wear compression shorts, and have some clean urine inside 2 blunt tubes, and walk on in girl!
  9. Lmao, imagine that condom popping while it's between your ass cheeks.. while you're on like a bus. :D
  10. Thanks for the input guys. :)

    Can anyone also recommend an alternative way of passing? For example, is there anything that I could buy that I could add to my urine during the test to make my urine pass? This is just a backup plan.
  11. With only 2 days left, your urine should not pass any half decent test, so you basically have to strap a bag of pee to your leg somehow. These guys know there shit, keeping it by ur junk and/or microwaving it is key, (nothing screams "this isn't my piss" like cold pee)
  12. You could always do like they did in the show Blue Mountain State
    Oil Changes for everybody!
  13. not smoking and getting clean will make you test negative? 100% of the time?
  14. Bro this is going to sound really fucking gross but if you really want to pass is. the mini hand sanitizer bottles have a 1 month sober buddy piss in one then scotch tape it under your balls and it keeps it warm, and you'll pass GL MAN!
  15. Haha, what MassManiac said ^^^

    And, he said he only has 2 days to get clean, of course going for a long period will reduce the chance of testing positive but isn't 100% (I would recommend a good month or more for a daily smoker)
  16. this.

  17. Seeing as how there are like ten of these threads a day. Not many people can put two-and-two together.
  18. it's called lazy, man. i was high. i'll admit to it. no shame in my game. anyways, i'm a girl so i think it worked easier for me in keeping it warm and sneaking it in. still not the greatest feeling in the entire world. however, "my" piss was a nice 98.9 degrees Farhenheit. it'll be days until the official results, but i know i'm good. :) thanks guys.
  19. put it under your chesticles
  20. Definitely in your rectum.

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